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Rentrax has been continually developed and enhanced, adding additional features and functions that make it the ideal vehicle rental management system. With various other rental software out there, it’s tough for rental companies to tell which software is better than the others — or at least which software is best suited to their needs. Rentrax did not start out as a software developer; we actually began as a bike rental business, and when we couldn’t find rental software that met all of our needs, we designed our own software! When we realized how much better and easier our software was than anything we’d tried, we decided it would be great to sell it to other rental companies. If you’re interested, read the rest of our story.


So Much More than a Standard Vehicle Rental Management System

It’s our experience working in the rental industry that gives us the edge over our competition, but it’s also our dedication to always innovating and improving our software. While our core software is a powerful, nuanced, and intuitive SKU-based inventory management system, with built-in waivers, and a booking system, we are always listening to our clients, taking suggestions to add features to our software that improve ease and efficiency in our clients’ day-to-day lives.

A Vehicle Rental System for a Range of Niches

In the wider rental industry, “vehicle rental” can mean a lot of different things, spread across a lot of different niches. So, you may be wondering whether our software is quite right for your specific type of vehicle. Well, we’ve designed Rentrax to work for a variety of vehicle rental businesses, but here is a small list of the rental niches our clients work within:

Motorcycle rentals

Scooter rentals

Jet-ski rentals

ATV rentals

★ Kayak rentals

★ Yacht rentals

★ Segway rentals

Whichever kind of vehicle rental business you have, Rentrax will have the tools to help you. And our friendly team of advisors will teach you exactly how to get the most out of your new software. In this way, Rentrax is a service, not a product, and we are invested in ensuring you can get the most out of our software. If you’re interested, take a look at our full range of software features and get in touch if you have any questions.

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