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Features of Rentrax Inventory and Cloud Rental Management Software

Discover the features of our inventory & cloud rental management software. Rentrax’s Online Reservation System is packed with useful features. Read more!

Rentrax is packed with features that you really need

The Best Features of our Cloud Rental Management Software

Find out all the features of our online rental software on this detailed resource. Click on each of the dropdowns below to learn more about the features, including online booking, e-waivers, inventory tracking, and much more. If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to get in touch or to schedule a free demo.

Highlighting key new features to help operators to comply with COVID Regulations

Restrict the number of bookings within a specific time period

Rentrax added the capability to restrict the number of bookings within a specific time period. This feature will help operators comply with COVID regulations by reducing the number of customers visiting their store at once in intervals of 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins and an hour.

This helps you, your employees, and your customers to be prepared and save time.

Introducing 'Parked' state during the Off-Season

Rentrax clients can put their instance in Parked state during the Off-Season. While in Parked state, their instance will still be fully available with minimal cost ($9.95) and the only restriction is the number of free orders reduced to 10 per month.

This feature is great for seasonal businesses which hibernate a couple of months in a year. 

Also, it helps new clients to sign up early and work on setting up their online store and go through the learning curve with peace of mind and get ready for their season with no rush.

Core Features in our Light Package

Cloud Base

Access your online store from anywhere you have access to the internet on any computer or mobile device.

Secure Environment

All transactions happen in Secure Sockets Layer (ssl) environment.

Access to Client Portal

Manage your subscriptions, update your profile, see your invoices, and much more using your secure portal.

Multiple Activity Type

Add different activity types (bike, ski, water sports, and so on) to your account and manage each subscription Individually.

iOS Mobile app

Use the system using a native iOS mobile app even when you don’t have access to computers.

Walk-in orders

Your walk-in customers can place rental orders on a tablet or on any device you provide.

Fully integrated Payment Processor

Integrated with most popular payment processors to process Card Present Payments (USA clients only).

Credit Card Validation

Validate your customers’ credit cards when they place orders.

Online orders

Let your business run even when you are asleep. Your customers can place orders 24/7 using any device.

Phone orders

Accept orders over the phone and send the waiver to your customers to sign.

Borrow items

Keep track of all your inventory, including the items that you do not charge your customers for.

Sales items in rent orders

Let your customers purchase some items while they place their rental orders.

Online waiver (e-signature)

No need to process and keep a paper trail; everything including signed waivers can be stored online.

Quick sale

Do not lose even small amounts. You can quickly sell small items like big stores do.

Ad-hoc items on the fly

Add ad-hoc items to an order on the fly and re-use it when needed.

Manual/automated reservation confirmation

Your online reservations can be set to pending your review or approval. Alternatively,  they can be automatically approved; whatever way works better for your business.

Email management

Draft your own customized email body that your customer may receive after placing an order.

Role and Users management

Define different roles in your organizations with required access level and assign your employees to specific rules, and even track their performance.

Late Return Fee

Automatically charge your customers if they return the rental items late.

Split invoice among different renters

Accept many people in one order, and have freedom of returning their items in different time periods and let everyone pay for himself.

Basic Reports

Generate reports.

Core Features in our Standard Package

Includes all features in our Light Package


Don’t waste your money on marketing channels that are not effective. Define different promotions and deals, and track each deal’s performance, managing your marketing budget more effectively.

Multiple Participants to sign waiver only

Accept multiple participants in one order yet have each participant to sign their own waiver.

Multiple renters

Accept multiple renters in one order and collect each renter’s specific information (such as height and weight) separately.

DIN Calculation

No need to lookup for DIN number for Ski binding setup. Let Rentrax calculate it more accurately and record it in the order which will be confirmed by your customer.

SKU sale

When it comes to selling big items, you may need to collect more information about the buyer and the product. SKU sales is designed for this.

Used rental item sales

Rental items do not live forever. You can define the ‘end of life’ for items, retire an item, and put that on sale, updating the inventory automatically.

Standard Reports

Payment, products, and deals.

Availability Calendar

See clearly what is available, and when. Directly place an order while looking at the availability on the calendar. You can setup different calendar views for the back-end and for customers.

Notifications (Coming Soon)

Past due services, low inventory items, coming reservations.

Take Customer ID in Custody

As a security measure, take a customer’s ID in custody and be reminded to give it back when they return the rental items.

Core Features in our Pro Package

Includes all features in our Light and standard Package

Customized Renter attributes

If you need to know some specific information about your customers to be able to assign a specific product to them, you can define some variables and have your customers provide answers.

Item Delivery and pickup

Deliver items to your customers’ location and charge them based on postal code, distance, or just a flat rate.

Barcode scanning

Easily scan your item’s code when items are being checked out or in.

Three seasons pricing

Define different pricing for normal, low, and high seasons. And let the system calculate invoices accordingly.

Track gas level

When renting out items that use fuel, you can record the gas level of the rental item when items are being checked out or in.

Track mileage

When relevant, you can record the mileage of rental items when they are being checked out or in.

Preventive maintenance

Define service times and take items for service. Keep all service records at your fingertips.

Take instance photo and attach to an order

Take photos of the rental item before delivering it to the customer and attach those to the order.

Preventive maintenance

Define service times and take items for service. Keep all service records at your fingertips.

Rental item insurance (Coming Soon)

Define your insurance policy and add it to order by default.

Scan customer's DL (Coming soon)

Scan or swipe customer Driver Licence and keep the information in the customer’s profile.

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