End-to-end Rental Management Software, Built From Experience

  • Powerful inventory management system
  • Highly customizable for any type of rental
  • Integrated with tour and activity booking
  • Built-in email and SMS notification
  • Super user-friendly interface
  • One-on-one support 

Rentrax’s cloud-based rental management software is intuitive & powerful. We started out as a bike and ski rental company and we couldn’t find software that worked for us, so we had to create our own. While many rental software options have been adapted from other sales or inventory management purposes, Rentrax has purpose-built our software specifically for the rental industry; this means we understand the day-to-day running of rental businesses, and we know how to help. Ultimately, our software has been developed to improve the lives of rental business owners and their employees. Adding ease, efficiency, and profitability wherever possible.

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Access Anywhere

Our cloud-based rental software allows you to manage and monitor your business 24/7 from almost anywhere. Do not lose any business — even in a power outage or when your computer crashes.

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Promotions & Marketing

Define your agents, friend or other businesses as your promoter. Track the performance of every promoter and how much each one has generated. Define multiple promotion codes with serial number and expiry date. Give fixed $ or % discount or even specify different discounts for different rental periods.

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Price Management

Define rental prices at product category level. Define different prices for different seasons (low, high, medium) and switch between them with a few clicks.

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Inventory Management

Our inventory tracking software allows you to track every rental item from day one it joined to your fleet. Track how many hours each item has been rented and how much it has made. Schedule your rental items’ maintenance and get notified when it is time to do so.

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Point of Sales

Eliminate human errors for rental cost calculation. Include sale products on the same rental invoice. Split one order into multiple invoices. Reduce turn over time to under a minute.

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Get timely and specific reports on all of your store activities, looking at rental orders, sales orders, product reports, bookings, canceled orders, revenue reports, and much more. Run a report on products, promotions, and all activities recorded in the log sheet. Print or export all reports.

What our customers are saying!

Outpost Sports enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Rentrax this summer. This was our first year with them and they were excellent to deal with. From initial inception, to going live, to incurring unlimited questions, Rentrax excelled. Probably there best quality was always being 100% available for problem solving. Anna always was quick and easy to contact. She always resolved any issue we were faced. We recommend Rentrax highly, or a 5.0 rating. They were a great partner this summer. Thanks Rentrax 🙂

JV Peacock / President
Outpost Sports

By using Rentrax, we are saving considerable time in our daily operation and my employees are happy with it. We got rid of pen & paper (including a manual imprint of credit card), saving time on searching for customers records when they return and quickly cashing them out (which makes them happy), accepting online reservations, keeping track of our promotions, and easily switching rates between low and high seasons are some features that we are using most.

Fabio Meisami / CEO
Yes Cycle

Easy customer interface – very clear for anyone. The admin side is complete and not complex. I can ask Rentrax people for adjustments and these are quite promptly executed. Usability is one of my USP’s and rentrax and the professionals there understand my requirements and come up with the right solutions.

Iemke Becker

We had been looking to get rid of paper contracts for several years and struggled to find a solution until we came across Rentrax. The simple interface and customizable options/settings have made this the most flexible rental system on the market. The support staff is a dream to work with and listen to any improvements or enhancements that can be made to the system. We can highly recommend Rentrax!

Ally Kerr / Director
Gnomes Alpine Sports (New Zealand)

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Bespoke rental management software

Rentrax Cloud-based Rental Software

If you run an equipment rental company, then Rentrax’s bespoke rental management software is made for you. We designed this unique software to improve rental businesses while also making it easier for businesses to manage stock, replacements, waivers, etc. We also made it easier for customers to find and book what they need.

Most online rental management software is designed by computer programmers, not by someone running a rental location. Rentrax started out as a bike rental company struggling to find rental management software that did what we needed it to. This means that we have the hands-on experience needed to design and create features that you need to run your rental company. Whether it’s bike rental software, water equipment rental software, or something else a little more niche, our experience in the rental industry ensures that Rentrax is packed with essential features.

We realized that other software options were too cumbersome and confusing, and missing too many essential elements. Our solution was to build our own, and it works because it was designed by people who know what your challenges are, what your needs are, and what your business requirements are.

The set-up is quick, regardless of your location, your products, or your computers. It’s easy to use and provides reports that let you keep track of what’s going on and how much money you’re making. When software makes business owners’ lives easier, it improves customers’ lives as well.

Highlighting key new features to help operators to comply with COVID Regulations

Restrict the number of bookings within a specific time period

Rentrax added the capability to restrict the number of bookings within a specific time period. This feature will help operators comply with COVID regulations by reducing the number of customers visiting their store at once in intervals of 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins and an hour.

This helps you, your employees, and your customers to be prepared and save time.

Introducing 'Parked' state during the Off-Season

Rentrax clients can put their instance in Parked state during the Off-Season. While in Parked state, their instance will still be fully available with minimal cost.

This feature is great for seasonal businesses which hibernate a couple of months in a year. 

Also, it helps new clients to sign up early and work on setting up their online store and go through the learning curve with peace of mind and get ready for their season with no rush.

About Rentrax

The Best Cloud Based Rental Software for Any Rental Business

All rental management software solutions are not created equal. Rentrax is designed from the ground up to help you manage all aspects of your rental business, whatever it may be. We understand that each rental business has its own requirements. From bikes and jet skis, to party equipment and tool rental… We have a powerful base rental management software with countless easily customizable solutions for each business type. And the best thing is that our dedicated support team will spend time making how to videos and on calls teaching you how to make the most of your Rentrax software!
Why Rentrax

You Run your Business, we'll Run your Software

There are lots of choices for rental software – we know because we tried many of them. Rentrax has been designed and built from start to finish based on your needs. We created it after being frustrated by other options available to us, all of which seemed to be software adapted to the rental industry, not created for it. So, we created the software management system the rental industry deserved. We have online rental operations ourselves, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what’s confusing and what’s easy to use. We also know how to make more money and how to stay on top by being more efficient with rental equipment, invoicing, payment processing, inventory control and reporting. Ask us for a free demo and we’ll show you how easy managing your business can be.

You Run your Business, we'll Run your Software
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