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★ Powerful inventory management system
★ Highly customizable for any rental
★ Integrated with tour and activity booking
★ Built-in email and SMS notification
★ Super user-friendly interface
★ One-on-one support

A purpose-built platform

Rentrax’s cloud-based rental management software is intuitive & powerful. We started as a bike and ski rental company, and we couldn’t find software that worked for our business operations, so we had to create our own. While many rental equipment software options have been adapted from other sales or inventory management purposes, Rentrax has purpose-built our software specifically for the rental industry; this means we understand the day-to-day running of rental businesses, and we know how to help. Ultimately, our software has been developed to improve the lives of rental business owners and their employees. We are adding ease, efficiency, and profitability wherever possible.

Access Anywhere

Our cloud-based rental software allows you to manage and monitor your business 24/7. So do not lose any business — even in a power outage or when your computer crashes. Our mobile apps can be accessed through PC, tablets, or other mobile devices.


Define your agents, friend, or other businesses as your promoter. Track the performance of every promoter and how much each one has generated. Define multiple promotion codes with serial numbers and expiry dates. Give a fixed $ or % discount or specify different discounts for different rental periods.

Price Management

Define rental rates at the product category level. Define different prices for different seasons (low, high, medium) and switch between them with a few clicks. You will spend less time calculating price changes on paper and dedicate your valuable time to serving new customers.

Inventory Management

Our inventory tracking software allows you to track every rental item from day one; it joined your fleet. Track how many hours each item has been rented and how much it has made. Schedule your rental items’ maintenance and get notified when it is time to do so.

Point of Sales

we eliminate human errors in the rental/sales cost calculation by combining our point-of-rental system with a lightweight point-of-sales module. You can now include sale products on the same rental invoice, split one order into multiple invoices, and reduce turnover time to under a minute.

Reporting & Analysis

Forecast your business goals. Get timely and specific reports on your store activities, looking at rental work orders, sales orders, product reports, online bookings, revenue reports, and much more. Run a report on products, promotions, and all activities recorded in the log sheet with a single click.

Our solutions are backed up by fantastic customer support, knowledgeable staff, and live chat.

Inventory management can not be easier.



Scheduling regular maintenance requests to make sure equipment is in good shape

Online Payments

Accepting online payments in North America (United States, Canada, and so many other countries)

Track Mileage

If you are renting heavy equipment or machinery, you can track mileage and gas usage


Connect Rentrax to your accounting software (QuickBooks). More integrations are on the way.

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You Run your Business, we’ll Run your Software

We know there are many choices for rental software because we have tried many of them. Rentrax has been designed and built from start to finish based on your needs. After being frustrated by other options available to us, we created it, all of which seemed to be software adapted to the rental industry, not designed for it. So, we made the software management system the rental industry deserved. We have online rental operations ourselves, knowing what works and what doesn’t. We know what’s confusing and what’s easy to use. We also know how to make more money and stay on top by being more efficient with rental equipment, invoicing, payment processing, inventory control, and reporting. And all of these are backed by our seamless customer service team. Ask us for a free demo, and we’ll show you how easy managing your business can be. Call our phone support team to start your free trial today:


Rentrax Cloud-based Rental Software

Rentrax’s bespoke rental management software is made for you if you run an equipment rental company. We designed this unique software to improve rental businesses while also making it easier for businesses to manage stock, replacements, waivers, etc. We also made it easier for customers to find and book what they need.

Most online rental management software is designed by computer programmers, not someone running a rental location. Rentrax started as a bike rental company struggling to find rental management software that did what we needed. This means that we have the hands-on experience required to design and create features that you need to run your rental company efficiently. Whether it’s bike rental softwarewater equipment rental softwaremedical equipment rental, or something else a little more niche, our experience in the rental industry ensures that Rentrax is packed with essential features.

We realized that other software options were too cumbersome, confusing, and missing many essential elements. So our solution was to build our own, and it works because it was designed by people who know what your challenges are, what your needs are, and what your business requirements are.

The set-up is quick, regardless of your location, products, or computers. It’s easy to use and provides reports that let you keep track of what’s going on and how much money you’re cashing into your bank account. When software makes business owners’ lives easier, it also improves customers’ lives.


This is a great way to see the effectiveness of the software for yourself. Testimonials are user feedback from people who have used Rentrax and form an unbiased opinion on the quality of service. Many customers have praised the comprehensive features, intuitive design, and customer support that Rentrax provides.


Outpost Sports

We recommend Rentrax highly or a 5.0 rating. They were a great partner this summer. Thank you, Rentrax 


Yes Cycle

Using Rentrax saves considerable time in our daily operation, and my employees are happy with it.



Easy customer interface – very clear for anyone. The admin side is complete and not complex.


Gnomes Alpine Sports

The support staff is a dream to work with and listen to any improvements or enhancements that can be made to the system. 

J. R. Lopez

Local Guide

Rentrax is a highly organized software solutions company. We have seen their software in action at several locations. I highly recommend this rental software company.

Mary Javazm

Artin Photography

I’m pretty happy with the features and settings. We definitely will use this to run the rental side of our photography equipment business.

How to boost your rental business in 2023


The outlook for equipment rental revenue (Comprised of the construction/industrial and general tool segments), is very positive for 2022 and beyond. The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on the equipment and event rental industry and it’s still a struggle for this sector, but hopefully, 2023 will bring some relief. In order to plan ahead for a successful year, we need to have a better understanding of where we are standing now.

Download the report here:

Highlighting critical new features

These features will help you to comply with COVID Regulations


Rentrax added the capability to restrict the number of bookings within a specific time period. This feature will help operators comply with COVID regulations by reducing the number of customers visiting their store at intervals of 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, and an hour.

This helps you, your employees, and your customers to be prepared and save time.


Rentrax clients can put their instance in a Parked state during the Off-Season. While in the Parked state, their instance will still be fully available with minimal cost.

This feature is great for seasonal businesses which hibernate a couple of months in a year. 

Also, it helps new clients to sign up early and work on setting up their online store, go through the learning curve with peace of mind, and get ready for their season with no rush.


We always develop the latest technologies


Our strata management software is designed for the new after covid era. With the Corona Virus’s impact on every aspect of our life, there was a serious need for software that helps strata managers to address the new demand for scheduling amenities and communicating with strata members for daily updates. “My Strata Connect” is a lightweight app that helps you to manage your strata in a new way.


With the powerful infrastructure that Rentrax developed for rental management over the years, we finally addressed rental companies’ and property owners’ requests. We decided to create a separate solution for property managers, and that’s how Rentrax property management software was born. With “My Strata Connect” you can manage your properties, send messages, add members, collect insurance, and so much more. 

Latest articles

At Rentrax, we strive to keep our readers informed on the latest trends and news in the rental equipment industry. We post articles regularly that provide valuable insights and information from industry experts and executives. Our content covers many topics: efficiency, safety, profitability, sustainability, customer service, new technologies, and more. Our goal is to help our readers stay informed and increase their knowledge of the rental industry, so they can make informed decisions that lead to success.

We also provide in-depth tutorials on how to use Rentrax software and its features and benefits. Our tutorials are designed to help users get up to speed quickly, so they can confidently start using Rentrax.