Talk to your local staging rental company before listing your property

The U.S. population has nearly 16 million empty homes, which could make the average buyer look for empty homes during their search. However, having a Realtor showing a vacant property could hinder the seller’s view of its potential.

Most property professionals believe you are more likely to sell or rent your home quickly with the right home staging rental furniture and accessories. Even when the spaces in rented houses are smaller, they are often difficult to see how to live. Empty areas can be cold or secluded and echo in the presence of potential buyers. Study results revealed that homes with chosen furnishings sold more quickly than those with empty spaces.

In-home staging, a person prepares a house and makes a purchase. It involves cleaning up clutter, painting rooms with neutral colors, and performing restorations for an impeccable look. One important part of staging is adding or replacing furniture. You may not be able to imagine how a couch could sell a room, but small items can make a huge impact.

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Why should you stage your home?

Staging a home allows potential buyers to envision themselves living there, increasing its appeal and ultimately leading to a faster sale at a higher price. It’s important to note that not all buyers have an eye for design or can imagine what furniture would look like in an empty room, so having it already set up for them can greatly assist in the selling process.

Showing a vacant house might seem good advice as long it is clean and uncluttered. But this whole thing is just a blank slate. An empty house looks cold and unwelcome. The National Association Of Realtors states that staging is crucial in home selling. Two-thirds of sales agents say staged houses have shorter sales times. Approximately 40 percent of sellers’ agents have said they’re more interested to see the homes they have staged.

How much does furniture staging rental cost?

Stores specializing in renting furniture for staging often offer fixed prices, allowing you to choose one piece for a blanket fee. For a table or dining table, the fixed-price option can be based on a selection of items in stock. However, be careful in understanding pricing restrictions. Some companies have additional charges for specific items and special requests. You can expect the cost of rented furniture somewhere between $1500 to $600 depending on the area size and the number of items.

A median household spends about $1311 per home for staging. At the lower end, the price will average $547 up to $1,075. Nevertheless, the most important staging expenses are usually associated with the repair or aesthetic changes, including painting. When you add furniture rental, it increases your cost. It costs around $600 monthly to lease furniture to stage a home. However, there are other ways to reclaim your cash. When preparing for sale, you will get more offers that sell faster with proper staging. You will be able to deduct staging house expenses from your tax returns.

Should I hire a professional stager?

When listing your home, you should consider hiring stagers. Although your realtor might suggest getting a home “listed,” a home stager will make your apartment as beautiful as possible. Hire stagers for any house you have not advertised yet. Likely, you’d never be able to get a new photo or make a positive first impression after selling it. Get to meet statement first before making any changes. They can suggest ways to reduce the amount of work required by what you planned. The stager can make several simple changes to your place without unnecessary expenses.

furniture staging rental idea

Where can you rent furniture for staging?

There are several options to rent furniture online. Alternatively, you may find local furniture rental companies. These companies allow you to see the furniture before signing the contract and opt for local delivery. When costs are a significant factor in staging furniture rentals, you can look into several providers for a good choice of quality furniture. Please include shipment and delivery in this price list.

  1. Cort offers furniture rentals. The company offers room and delivery options within days.
  2. Staging Gurus Rentals: provides nationwide rental options. They have several packages and styles to choose from.
  3. Brook offers stylish furniture options with free delivery and shipment.
  4. Home Staging Resource offers a variety of resources for stagers.
  5. AFR provides various options for companies and individuals. They also offer other staging resources, including accessories and decor.

No matter the option, remember to ask about insurance coverage in case of damage during the renting period. Researching the company’s return process or extension options for your staging needs is also important. This way, you can have a seamless home staging experience that will bring buyers into your house.

Choosing the Right Furniture Rental Store

Generally, homeowners need to choose good-sized and reputable furniture companies because the high standard and quality of the furnishings will often determine their success. They will help you stage a property without any hassle.

Find shops with quick and reliable delivery. They will deliver it on time and place your furniture in the correct place quickly and professionally. Furthermore, it’s essential to find a store ready for the staging process immediately after your house sells. Often the company doesn’t include drop-and-pick services with their quoted price. Find another business located within your vicinity.

Tips for DIY staging

Renting furniture is an investment in itself. Even when rental shops typically have an extensive inventory list, they can be expensive to pay. “The 2021 profiles for the home staging industry” report by the NAR lists some good home staging ideas:

  • De-clutter your house and make it look spacious
  • Make minor repairs to enhance the overall appearance of the place
  • Neutralize colors by painting walls in neutral tones and adding pops of color through accessories or accent furniture
  • Highlight unique features, such as a fireplace or bay window with staged furniture that complements it
  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space
  • Choose furniture and accessories that match the style and vibe of the place
  • When you have kids’ rooms and play areas, you could put toys or table games on them. But make sure not to overcrowd the space.
  • In addition, consider using your own furniture for staging. Rearrange and organize them in ways that highlight the best features of your house and appeal to potential buyers.
  • And if necessary, borrow from family or friends to fill any gaps in furnishings. This will save you money on rental costs and give you a more personalized touch.

Final thoughts

Overall, the key to successful DIY staging is to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for potential buyers that will make them imagine living in the place themselves. And furniture rental company can help make this process smoother and more convenient. But remember to research the company, pricing, and options before making a decision. Happy staging!

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