The 5 Essential Features for a Good Ski Rental Management Software and Bike Rental Manager

Equipment rental management software is (almost) a MUST nowadays, especially for Ski rental shops that want to stay organized and maximize their revenue. A well designed Bike Rental Manager offers a variety of features which help to grow your rental business revenue through reliable Inventory & Customer Relationship Management systems,…

Find out more about the top 5 essential features that you need to consider when you are looking to buy a rental management system …

If you are wondering what exactly you need to look for when considering your Ski rental management system, you can short-cut the process by considering the following features:There are some features which make these Bike Rental Manager and equipment rental software more useful for your businesses:

Does It Have a Reliable “Inventory Management System?”

It is essential for any equipment rental business to carefully track and manage all its assets – including its inventory – because the inventory afterall, is the actual product that generates revenue. A good inventory management system or Bike Rental Manager will give you visibility into your product catalogue. It should enable you to see the availability status of each product, how often it is rented out, as well as how much revenue it has generated for your business to date.  This information alone will help you make informed decisions on things like pricing and maximizing profitability for your business.

Does It Have a Simple “Rental Order & Booking” Module?

A well designed and intuitive Bike Rental Manager should enable you to add rental items to any order easily. This is especially useful for you and your staff during the peak rental season when rental businesses need to process orders fast and accurately. A good “Rental Order & Booking” module should also help you with quickly identifying equipment rental status. In other words, it should tell you what items are available and what items are out for rental at a glance so you don’t end up double booking your customers.

Does It “Play Nice” & Integrate With Third Party Applications Easily?

Easily integrating with third-party applications can only add to the horse-power of your rental system. This will enable it to handle a whole lot more tasks and process in concert with all the other systems you might already be using in your business, eliminating the need to re-enter data in multiple systems over and over. A great equipment rental software should make it easy to  integrate with third-party applications.

Does It Maintain & Track Your Customers’ Rental History?

Knowing more about who your customers are and what they like to rent from you is invaluable to the success of your rental business. Armed with this information, it is infinitely easier to market your business and skyrocket your overall customer retention efforts. With a good customer database in place, you can quickly determine and track their purchase and rental history with your business. This Bike Rental Manager in-turn helps you pinpoint your best customers so you can make relevant offers to them in order to get them to do more business with you.

Does It Empower You With A robust Reporting & Analysis Module?

For the savvy Bike Rental Manager, this might be the most important feature of them all. A good rental system should aggregate and display important business operation data in one place. This helps with strategizing and making informed decisions for your rental business. As an example, given a carefully generated “Product Report,” you should be able to easily identify all the products that were rented out within a specified time period, determine which ones were ordered more than once, and how much revenue was generated as a result.

Obviously each and every equipment rental business has its own unique challenges and needs. But generally speaking, the above 5 features are almost a must-have when you are considering a rental software. RentRax software comes equipped with all of them as standard features.

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