Top 5 Rental Equipment Business Ideas

Rentrax is a top-rated sport Rental management software. We specialize in inventory rental software for a variety of rental companies, so we come across interesting new rental equipment business ideas all the time.

If you’re planning to start a rental venture, then you may find the business ideas given here interesting.

Here are the top 5 rental equipment business ideas out there….

#1: Sports Equipment Rentals.

Sports equipment rentals are the fastest growing rental ventures in the United States, Canada, Australia, and across Europe. This is a very good small business idea to get started with, especially for those who have a real passion for sports. So, if you live near a ski resort, you may want to start a sports rental that supplies ski, snowboard, and snowshoeing equipment.
Fishing equipment, climbing gear, and hiking gear are best sellers at sports stores close to National Parks. If you have a store at the beach, you should have a good stock of boogie boards, snorkel gear, surfboards, wetsuits, etc. We specialize in providing cloud-based inventory rental software to sports equipment stores that simplify your workflow and helps optimize your inventory management. Contact us today to get your free inventory rental software.

#2: Scooter Rentals

If you’re in a busy, bustling part of the city with a large population, you can expect there to be a lot of demand for scooter rentals, especially from pre-teens, teens and young adults. Electric bikes, Segways, and e-Scooters are really hot right now, especially in tech hubs like Austin and San Francisco and in areas close to major colleges and universities. Scooter tours are popular in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and other popular holiday spots. Most scooter rental ventures make good money these days; every reason for you to have one of your own.

#3: Bike Rentals

Bike rentals are a great idea especially if you live in an area with many popular bike trails such as Cape Cod. You could also supply a number of add-ons to the bikes such as trailers for kids, dog trailers, strollers and special bikes such as fat bikes during the winter. This is a very popular rental business idea and has been so for many decades now. Why not get started with your own bike rental?

#4: Party Supplies

Party supplies are a very popular rental business idea, but one in which you will have a lot of competition. But as long as you provide a great service and charge reasonable rates on popular party supplies such as bouncy houses, smoke machines, audio equipment, CO2 Tanks, tents, tables, chairs, karaoke machines, interactive games, and bubble machines, you will do well. Remember, this is a very flexible business, which means you can try out a number of new ideas to stand out in the crowded party rental market.

#5: Photo Booths

Photo booths are among our favorite rental business ideas. There is something very retro or nostalgic about photo booths, they bring back memories of the 1960s and 1970s. Even in the iPhone era, there are a lot of young people who want to have their pictures taken at modern-day photo booths. You may want to consider starting a mobile photo booth business – there’s a lot of demand for photo booths at weddings and corporate events. This is a very profitable small business idea.

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