Software for ski and snowboard rental to be used to enhance proper management. The software comes with integrated technology, which will guarantee a high level of innovation and also efficiency. In the past, people could experiences challenges in the sector, which could affect the level of the operation, but with the new software in place, it would eliminate such a problem.

Rental software has been in existence in the past three decades, where the development of the software is immense. Some companies have come on board to ensure resorts get reliable software. The rental app is the future of the industry; hence, there are significant developments regarding rental software, which is expected in the years to come.

In the course of this article, we shall pay much attention to the relevant software which offers a solution to ski and snowboard rental.


  • RentraxTM

It is a perfect complete software that offers a solution for the ski/ snowboard. It’s easy to use due to the improved technology, which has been incorporated. For instance, there are new designs and touch screen technology which ensure there are automatic DIN calculations.

Rentrax works effectively for both large and small rental shop. Also, it makes it possible for the retail sale items to be sold from one POS station. Also, to note is that with the new software in place, it would increase the revenue which gets generated.

  • Mobile Inventory Software

Inventory in ski and snowboard rentals is usually a challenge, but with the help of the mobile software, it will help to account adequately. You need to manage the inventory and ensure everything which is needed is available, and that would be made possible by this software.

There are different types of mobile inventory which could get adopted and ensure all the available inventory is managed effectively. For example, with the retail Counting App, it would give you the power to count all the retail inventory with the help of the scanner.

  • Easy Rent Software

It’s useful software which is complete and flexible to offer all the solutions which are much needed in ski and snowboarders. Some challenges are experienced in the rentals, but Easy-rent provides all the products which are required to meet your individual needs. In addition to that, it also offers many options for the future, which is more important.

Easy rent has been able to provide all the necessary range of the services, which ensure there is efficiency operation in the rentals. The software works effectively on the windows hence making it possible to navigate.

  • Easy Reservation Software

It’s one of the most popular software which is used in ski and snowboard rental to enhance the reservation. There are two types of reservations, which include local and online reservation portal, which are available to the customers.

In local reservations, there is individual and also the group reservations where you make use of the chosen devices. Its commonly used for the schools and even the tour groups because it can produce the labels and sales slip printout.

On the other hand, there is an online reservation that is configured in a similar way to the Easy rent to enhance the booking and also coordination. It also includes the data upload where you can consist of regular customers into the data system.


  • It Helps To Create Rental Packages

With the use of the software in the rental industry, one can be able to add products to rental inventory. In addition to that, you can add some other reservations which are available. It eases the management because one can add more extra packages or rent individual items.

  • It Also Helps To Determine Late Fee

You can use the software to set up the late fee at any given time. For instance, you can decide if you want to charge hourly, which is more flexible. It’s a significant challenge that many people experience, but it has been resolved with the help of the software.

  • It Helps To Customize Deposit Amount

You will be in an excellent position to decide the rental option which you will adopt in the resort. Some items need a larger deposit, while others need less deposit, but the software would determine. Something to note about the software is that its flexible enough to accommodate the variation.

  • It Helps Generate Regular Reports.

Regular reports are essential to ski and snowboard rentals, and it will be made possible with the help of the software. You will run the report on regular days and learn about all the rentals. Included in the report will be the remaining rentals and also those with overdue to enhance management.

  • It Enables To Collect Information

Information is very crucial in the rentals, and the software would enable us to get all the sufficient information. For instance, information which will be collected includes the height, skill level, and also age. It will be available on the request

  • It Helps In Automatic Calculation

With the help of the software, you will be in an excellent position to make automatic calculations. It helps reduce the risk of exposure, which, in a way, would affect the outcome. When it comes to ski and snowboard, many exposures are there, which would affect the outcome.

  • It Enhances Touch – Screen Technology

It’s a new technology which is being introduced in the sector which has a significant impact. In addition to that, it also comes with smart design, which makes it easy for your seasonal staff to learn. You will be able to use the system and other processes correctly.

To sum up

Technology advancement in the rental industry has made it possible for the software ski and snowboard rental to improve efficiency. Management has been made possible, which enhances good coordination, which helps to improve customer services. In years to come, there is room for growth, which will make ski and snowboard rentals more developed.

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