Fully Customizable Booking Management System

Tour Operator Software Solutions

Whichever kind of tour or activity business you’re running, you need the right booking management system to ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively. That’s where Rentrax’s fully customizable tour operator software comes in, as it comes with dozens of intelligent software features — some are entirely essential and others are intelligent additional features developed over the years. Our main goal is to offer as much flexibility and personalization as possible, allowing Rentrax to help as many businesses as possible. Many tour and activity companies also double up as rental companies, so we felt it was important to include tour booking functionality alongside inventory management, an integrated waiver system, and so many more rental management software features. If you’d like to know how Rentrax could help your tour operator business, please get in touch or schedule a free demo.


Booking Software Solutions for Tour Operators

In our experience, tour operators want to be outside, doing what they love, which means that software should speed up their day-to-day activities as much as possible, in turn freeing up as much time as possible. Ultimately, tour operators need software that is intuitive while also offering enough complexity for specific operators to get specific functions out of their software. This is the intricate balance Rentrax has worked hard to create. We started out as a rental business and we have worked with countless tour operators over the years, helping companies develop their businesses and generate more revenue. Perhaps above anything else, tour operator software needs to make your customer’s experience better, encouraging better reviews, referrals, and, ultimately, better revenue. For more information within a similar niche, check out our recreation rental software.

Booking Software Solutions for Tour Operators

Rentrax didn’t start out as a software developer. We started out as a bike rental business with deep ties to the tourism industry. We decided to develop our own software when we realized that none of the booking and rental software out there offered all of the features we needed. Then we quickly realized that lots of rental and tour operators were very interested in our software. The rest was history! Because we work with lots of tour operators, we know the specific pain points and needs they have.

With seasonal pricing, integrated waivers, and a choice of manual or automated reservation bookings, Rentrax can help you in a number of ways and we hope you’ll consider scheduling a demo to discover how Rentrax could help your tour or activity business.

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