Equipment Rental Software

Any rental business requires that you get rental software that you will use to manage the business with ease by tracking the rental equipment, tracking your inventory, invoice your customers, accepting online reservations, process payments, and much more.


TURBO-Lease is a lease accounting program capable of processing all equipment and vehicle lease portfolios. It is a multi-module management system designed by better programs for accounting, legal, professional companies. It is designed to offer a complete receivable administration, including processing and aging lease payments, billing, late charges, insurance charges, property taxes, sales, and use taxes. It is designed for use on Microsoft Windows, easy to use, flexible, yet its power and completeness surpass those that cost many times. TURBO-Lease records non-cash payoff for bad debt or restructuring.

Records must be made monthly so that accounting reports provide accurate totals of cash receipts, account balances, initial direct costs, residual income, and equipment depreciation, including unconventional minimum tax. A summary of management reports provides business activity, lease expirations, insurance expirations, location, ranking, and residuals due. The system handles complex irregular payment structures such as skip, step, variable, quarterly, and annual.

TURBO-Lease features include delinquency reporting and a collection module to schedule and track collection activity, including depreciation, income and discounted cash flows of payments and payoffs.  TURBO-Lease lets you choose how to notify the lessee of their obligation; print invoices, statements, and or Payment books. Lease and payments have been made easy since the screen is used to enter all information related to a lease and collect contact managers.


Rentrax is online rental software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business fast and easily. You can swiftly create, update, and manage all your online and offline orders to streamline equipment rental operations across locations. Cloud-based rental management means safer data and access to regular features updates for free. Invoicing is easy as REntrax has created customized professional-grade invoices and auto-generate these invoices to track payments on monthly orders with ease.

Bookings with Rentrax software are super organized and scheduled in advance. This helps to quickly reserve rental equipment for customers and, therefore, conflict-free bookings all time. With the software, you can access your business anywhere through iOS and Android mobile apps. It is made for all rental industries and helps them engage in an increasingly competitive space while also lowering costs and improving ROIs. Since it is online, it offers an opportunity to increase traffic and grow your business effortlessly by helping customers find your business, see your rents catalog, and reserve items online. Here is how Rentrax helps out top industries in business;

  • AV and production Rentals; Set asset custodians for your AV rentals and use custodians fields to track your AV gear’s nuanced specs.
  • Party and event rental; Groups props and décor items, making it possible for the viewers to access them.

Flex Rental Solutions

It is a powerful inventory management solution that you can use and ensure all the property and other key equipments have been managed effectively. With the software, you can plan and manage your inventory, warehouse operations, and ensure all the equipment has been managed effectively.  The flex model also comes with a powerful tool that will ensure their effective modeling of the equipment that is supposed to be placed on the business’s sale. In addition to that, there are clear aspects that are upheld in the model which ensure there is the effective management of the property.

There are key features that come with the flex and allow the managers to keep track of all the equipment that the business possesses in the market. For instance, there is adequate financial management, which is well- equipped with QuickBooks TM integration crew management, and also barcode scanner support. Flex solution has been used by many businesses in the past, making it a reliable software that can be trusted when it comes to equipment management.

Rentle Software

A rental is a cloud-based software specializing for the ski resorts and sports equipment, making it possible for the equipment software of all the sizes to ensure effective management. It ensures there are effective experiences for the business and the customers who integrate with the hire’s equipment. It’s easy for the employees who are working for these companies to manage the equipment and therefore manage all the orders which come from the customers.

There is effective automation of the services and therefore ensure all the rental operations are digitalized and ensure there is the effective management of the business compared to when the business does not have digital automation. It has led to the business’s growth in the market by ensuring there is effective management of the property. Its end-users benefit from the software, making it possible for the customers to make good use of the system put in place. For instance, the booking is effectively scheduled, and therefore it increases the online sales which the business makes. Being a cloud-based software makes it possible for many visitors to access the software and make the order at any given time. In addition to that, it also allows other payment methods and thus making it possible for the customers to pay for the equipment.


Pacific Amber’s offers a point of sale software solutions that ensure all the issues which revolve around the management of the equipment have been addressed by the company on- time. It comes with key features that ensure all the issues which range from the small to the big companies have been addressed appropriately. It has been used successfully in the United States and Canada to manage the equipment and therefore increase the level of confidence.

Some of the key features that come with the software include the sale functionality, customer relationship management, and inventory management, which are key features that revolve around managing the equipment. The advanced customer management feature that comes with the software ensures all the reporting has been done in the software through the analyses of the sales numbers.

On the other hand, the system is also coupled with the vendor management system, which effectively ensures there is effective communication between the suppliers and retailers who are using the system. In addition to that, it offers optional e-commerce that ensures the software can integrate effectively with the big e-commerce cart. Another essential feature of the software is that it works effectively with different windows, making it possible to be adopted by different equipment software.

Clover POS Software

Clover POS is one of the integrated point- of – sales (POS) system customized effectively to ensure the custom hardware meets different retailers in the market. The software is available in the cloud-based and server-based deployment versions, making the software more appropriate for all the hardware m related problems. It comes with a different option, which includes the mobile POS option, Contactless payments, and other vital features that could ensure an adequate flow of the operations in the equipment companies. For instance, the software is appropriate for the restaurants and other key business deals with the customers in great numbers.

With the Clover POS system, the businesses are in a good position to streamline all the payment processing, which needs to be done by the business. In addition to that, there is effective inventory management, which is key to business success. The software has effectively replaced all the outdated processes that are always involved with the payment processes. It has boosted the online sales made by the companies that deal with the customers who make the booking. For instance, with QuickBooks, it makes it possible for the inventory to be managed effectively. Another key feature with the software is that it ensures there is order tracking, data reporting, among others.

Rain POS

Rain retail software is another cloud-based point of sales (POS) that has been integrated with all the website solutions, which are Mac OS and Windows compatible. It has been designed effectively to ensure all small and large businesses have been boosted to ensure effective operations with the suppliers and retailers. The software has worked effectively for the music stores, ski, snowboard shops, and retail segments.

The Rain’s real-time POS and the web store are more integrated to ensure the single database has been boosted to ensure a good flow of the company’s operations. It ensures there is a high level of accuracy, which is needed by the company. On the other hand, with access to the Wi-Fi and also the mobile hotspot, it ensures all the employees have a regular update of the inventory, which is on the business.

Final Thought

Equipment Rental Software has boosted the rental companies, ensuring there is a significant level of efficiency in the operations. The World has revolved, and there is an upgrade in the technology level and thus ensure there is growth. In addition to that, businesses need to boost the level of online sales, which are made. Therefore, the rental software would ensure there is effective management and also efficiency.

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