Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 20 Mile Gem at the Heart of Greenville

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 20-mile bike and walking trail that connects downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest. The trail stretches from the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountain, through the scenic Reedy River Valley, and into Travelers Rest, connecting towns like Furman University in Greenville to Clemson University in Clemson. With all of these destinations along its route, it’s no wonder why this trail has become one of my favorite places to ride!

It’s not just a place for beginners though; you will find plenty of challenges here as well. This diverse terrain offers something for everyone – from flat sections perfect for families with kids on bikes or skaters, to steep climbs perfect for mountain bikers looking for some serious action. This is the trail route on Google map. You can also find an interactive version of the trail through the City of Greenville website:

It’s mostly flat

The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville County, which was recently named the state’s first National Recreation Trail, gives cyclists a chance to experience the Upstate by bike.

“It is partly due to the trail that Greenville has been named one of the top 10 cities for cycling in American Bicyclist magazine,” said Mike Chapple, member of GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail. “Greenville has a tremendous amount of bike activity.”

The trail is mostly flat, paved with crushed stone, and has scenic views of wetlands, farms, and forests. The 16-mile greenway and Multi-Use Trail provides a safe haven for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the outdoors.

Trail users are starting to bring their families, too. Chapple said that children on skates and parents with baby strollers have been seen using the trail.

How long does it take to bike the trail

The trail is 20 miles long and takes about an hour to bike in each direction.

Biking the entire Swamp Rabbit Trail from Travelers Rest to GSP Airport, then continuing on along a flat route back through Greenville takes approximately 4 hours at a casual pace.

What are the dangerous parts of this trail I should watch out for?

There are limited dangerous parts of this trail. However, some people have been seen biking too fast and swerving into the path of pedestrians or bikers. If you find yourself in a situation like this, do your best to slow down and say “on your left” as you pass by. It is suggested that cyclists never cross an intersection at a green light without first coming to a complete stop, and making sure that any trail users are not on their way.

Is there an alternate route I can take if the main trail is closed?

If you find yourself at a blocked portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, please do your best to find a detour! Some people choose to walk along roads, but you can still get to your destination by biking on sidewalks. If there is a detour sign near you, please follow it!

How many people do you think this trail is used by?

The Swamp Rabbit Trail receives an average of 250,000 visitors every year. This number is projected to double over the next ten years.

What is the most scenic part of this trail?

The most scenic part of this trail is probably when it follows along the Reedy River. You can’t get a better view than that!

There are many great things to do and see on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, including 11 unique murals created by local artists. The trail is also home to a number of sculptures, including ones of a rabbit and an owl.

What kind of wildlife will I come across on this trail?

Some of the wildlife you can find along the Swamp Rabbit Trail includes red foxes, rabbits, turtles and frogs! If you’re lucky enough to be biking at night, you might be able to see some of the thousands of fireflies that come out after dark.

If you’re biking along the trail during spring, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of flowers and other plants in bloom! If it’s summertime, try to catch a glimpse of an American alligator sunning itself on the banks of one of many ponds.

While biking during wintertime, be sure to keep an eye out for horses and other large wildlife that enjoy getting some exercise on the trail during colder months.

No matter what time of year you choose to bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail, you will always see lots of different kinds of plant life!

Biking through farms

The trail, which offers public access and open space to 20,000 acres of private property, is mostly flat with a few short hills. There are several gravel parking lots along the trails.

Hikers walk from the spartan parking lot on Larkin Road onto the Swamp Rabbit Trail and immediately cross under Interstate 85 into a leafy oasis of ponds and wetlands, old farms and cottonwood trees.

This is a joint effort between Greenville County, Furman University, the city of Greenville and Travel. It was unveiled in October 2009.

“The Swamp Rabbit Trail is one of a kind,” Chapple said. “It’s the first trail in South Carolina that is part of the East Coast Greenway, a proposed 3,000-mile network of trails that will stretch from Calais, Maine to Key West, Fla.”

It certainly is unique for Greenville County. The trail provides access for hikers and bikers near downtown Greenville. It has 16 miles of mostly flat paved walkways with only one or two hills. There are several gravel parking lots along the trail.

Most of the north-south trail follows an abandoned rail line that was built in 1902 by the Greenville and Western Railway Company.

Furman University students have seen a change since the trail opened near campus in 2008. “The trail has been wonderful,” said senior Allison McCarthy, 22.

“It brings a lot of people to campus who otherwise might not have come.”

A safe haven for downtowners

Trail users are starting to bring their families, too. “We’ve begun seeing more children on skates and parents with baby strollers,” Chapple said.

Gerry Carrigan lives in downtown Greenville and walks the trail often. “I walk at least 10 miles a week on this trail,” he said.

“I see people out here all the time, young and old, biking and walking. It’s beautiful down there.”

The trail users are starting to attract businesses along the route as well.

How to get to the swamp rabbit trailhead

The trail is actually starting from south east of Conestee lake where a parking lot is available.  Just follow the trail for a few miles to get started.  Several miles of greenway are already finished and the trail extends into a large area.  

This is a great idea for beginners who are just looking to ride around Greenville or do some exercises.  You can walk all day long or run if you want.  The trail is pretty flat everywhere you go, so it’s a great idea to use for people who really love water and taking nature walks.

Beside Conestee lake, there are several other ways of reaching the trail midway.

  • The most direct route is via Main Street, which runs along the northern edge of downtown Greenville through a busy commercial district. At its intersection with Academy Street, Main intersects Church Street and at this point the Swamp Rabbit Trail picks up. Parking is available at nearby public lots on Academy Street and Church Street.
  • The trail can also be reached from several multi-use paths in the southeastern part of Greenville, such as Duncan Park, Cleveland Park and Southside Trail. Each of these can be accessed by driving to the parking lot at Lee Burns Elementary School on Old Easley Highway. The trail runs through the school grounds (closed to vehicular traffic).
  • An alternative approach is via South Carolina Highway 14 in the northern part of downtown Greenville. From I-385, take exit 8 toward Belmont onto McBee Avenue, a major thoroughfare connecting downtown with the northern suburbs. At its intersection with North Street and Stone Avenue, continue ahead on Stone across the Reedy River and turn left onto East North Street. At the intersection with South Carolina Highway 14, turn right. Park on one of the spaces near the bridge over the Reedy River. The trail runs along SC-14 before turning into a greenway west of Batesville Road.
  • From downtown Greenville, take Main Street south past Academy Street, Church Street and the intersection with South Carolina Highway 14 until reaching Easley Road. Turn left onto Easley and park in one of the spaces near the bridge over Reedy River. The trail runs along SC-14 before turning into a greenway west of Batesville Road.


In 2014, Greenville County made an agreement with Furman University and Travel Greenville to create a trail from Swamp Rabbit Trail in Dawson Forest all the way to Verdae. This new part of trail will be called Laurel Creek Trail. There are many details that need to be worked out before construction can begin, so it is unknown how long construction will take.

Once the trail is finished, there will be about 20 miles of multi-use trails that will let bike riders experience South Carolina’s Upstate for years to come.

Most of the north-south trail follows an abandoned rail line that was built in 1902 by the Greenville and Western Railway Company; it was later abandoned in 1978. This railroad is now the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

The trail runs through Greenville, SC and connects with Furman University which has built a gravel parking lot for those that would like to park their car and begin their biking journey from there. Travel Greenville Inc. currently holds an easement on the Rail Corridor for future connections with other trails in the County.

The trail has 16 miles of mostly flat paved walkways with only one or two hills; it also offers a variety of surfaces for cyclists (concrete, asphalt, and dirt). These factors have helped the trail become a popular place for runners, pedestrians, and bikers alike.

There are several gravel parking lots

Bike rentals in Greenville,

Many of the stores along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Travel Greenville’s area sponsor bike rentals.

“The trail has really helped our business,” said Andy Sproles, owner of Refreshments Plus in Travel Greenville’s area. “I’ve always been a cyclist myself.”

Sproles said that he used to ride his bike from Travel Greenville’s area to Furman University but now he can drive his truck.

“I love the trail,” Carrigan said. “It makes living and working downtown so much more enjoyable.”

No one is complaining, especially in springtime when it’s hard to imagine an easier way to get out of downtown Greenville than following the trail to the wetlands on Larkin Road.

Larkin Road would be another good starting point because it leads directly into Travel Greenville’s area, where you can rent a bike at several of its stores. At least four shops offer bike rentals and some of them also sell bikes.

Where to rent bikes

Greenville BCycle

Greenville BCycle is a part of BCYCLE, a NATIONWIDE bike sharing system. It is a system that provides residents and visitors with an additional transportation option that is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

Greenville BCycle stations are available at the Swamp Rabbit Trail in downtown Greenville, opposite downtown Finlay Park in front of the Community Tap, near Pelham Road mid-trail at the entrance to Heritage Green, and on E. Washington Street near the West End parking garage downtown.

New stations will be added at Parkins Mill in September 2012 and along Poinsett Hwy. in spring 2013 with more locations to come!

Greenville BCycle works best for one-way trips that are between 1-4 miles. Riders are encouraged to bring their own helmets, but BCycle does provide a free mini-helmet for riders who do not have one.

Additionally, Greenville BCycle has two service options: Annual Membership and 24 Hour Pass. An Annual Membership provides unlimited 60 minute trips for an entire year with the first 30 minutes of each trip free. A 24 Hour Pass provides unlimited 60 minute trips for 24 hours from the time it is activated.

Both options are available to Greenville County residents and non-residents and are accessible via BCycle’s mobile app, website, or at any of the 11 Greenville BCycle stations.

Carolina Triathlon bike rental

Carolina Triathlon is Greenville’s premier triathlon training center and store. The newest location, opened in January 2012, includes more than 12,000 square feet of space with a cross-trainer area, variety of bikes for rent and sale including road bikes and full suspension mountain bikes (27 speeds), a fully equipped service shop offering free life-time flat tire repairs with any bike purchase (within 90 days of purchase), and a variety of gear for sale and rent.

Carolina Triathlon is the only store in South Carolina authorized to offer LeMond Racing Cycles. The store also carries Trek, Cannondale, Cervelo, BMC, Rudy Project, Bell Sports and Rudy Project.

Pedego Electric Bikes Greenville

Pedego Electric Bikes Greenville is a brick-and-mortar retail store where customers can come and explore the latest Pedego electric bicycle models.

Not only will customers find Pedego’s largest selection of bicycles, but they will also be able to take advantage of an in-depth test ride at one of Greenville’s most beautiful trail systems.

Pedego electric bikes, operated by a throttle and pedal assist, are designed to make riding easy! Pedego has been providing the highest quality electric bikes on the market for over 10 years. They are known for offering more accessories than any other company and have an extensive network of dealers spanning across North America.

Pedego Electric Bikes Greenville is located at 345-B E. Washington Street, Greenville, SC 29601 and can be reached by phone at 864-253-5691.

Reedy Rides

Reedy Rides is a bike rental company that specializes in fun, affordable bike tours of Greenville and Travelers Rest. They offer daily rentals for those tourists visiting the region who want to experience our beautiful city streets on two wheels.

They’ll give you all the information you need to enjoy cycling through downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest. The main focus of Reedy Rides is to give locals and visitors alike the opportunity to explore the Greenville area in a fun, safe environment.

About Bikeville

Bikeville is a grassroots organization that works to improve bicycling conditions in Greenville, SC. It works with local government and business leaders to promote better bicycle access and infrastructure.

They are not an advocacy group or part of a political party. Their goal is simply to make Greenville a more bike-friendly city!

Rent a boat to add some spice to your trip

Upstate Paddleboard

Paddle boarding is fun for everyone! Whether you are an experienced paddler or novice, all that’s needed is a little balance and coordination.

Choose from our hourly rental or check out one of our all day paddling trips. If you have a large party we can accommodate up to 4 people on one board for an hour or half day rental. This option is great if you are traveling in a group or just want more time on the water!

605 Motor Boat Club Rd, Greenville, SC 29611, United States

Saluda River Adventures rentals

   Our rental fleet includes kayaks, tubes, and stand-up paddle boards. Come check out the river or enjoy some of our nearby waterfalls.

We are open 7 days a week during our Spring/Summer schedule March 1st – October 31st. We offer special deals on hourly rentals for those that want to stay close to home or head to the waterfalls.

The Saluda River is a premier paddling destination in South Carolina. There are two major sections to the river: an upper section of class I-II whitewater rapids and a lower section of flatwater that flows through the scenic Jocassee Gorges where bald eagles, osprey, wood ducks, kingfishers, herons, and muskrats are frequently seen.

208 Deborah Ln, Greenville, SC 29611, United States

Coles Baitshop & Kayak Rental

Address: 615 Piedmont Highway E, Greenville, South Carolina 29605

Contact Phone Number:(864) 232-2830

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday 8AM – 7PM (Life Time Flat Fix with

Where to visit along the trail

Furman Lake and Trail

Furman University’s beautiful campus is home to the trailhead for one of Upstate South Carolina’s most popular trails.

The trail follows the scenic Saluda River through Furman University and into downtown Greenville where it connects with the Swamp Rabbit Trail . The 10-mile path offers a quiet escape from the noise of city life.

The trail is open to walkers, bikers and joggers. Pets are also allowed on leashes as long as they are kept under control by their owners at all times.

Furman University, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613


Medusa Tree a.k.a “Root Tree”

Located on what is now the Greenville Country Club golf course, this tree gets its name from its many exposed roots. The story of this tree dates back to 1874 when a man named Ben Franklin Pearson was cutting trees in the area with his son-in-law, Frank Furguson. It was during this time that Pearson’s wife died, and he came across this tree whose roots were exposed. He believed that the curling of the exposed tree roots around his dead wife’s shoe resembled a woman’s hair.

Due to its ghostly appearance, it was dubbed “The Medusa Tree.”

The Children’s Garden at Linky Stone Park

One of the most beautiful places to walk in Greenville is at Linky Stone Park on South Main Street. This park was donated by Dr. Linky Stone in 1928 for the enjoyment of children and it has been carefully tended ever since. The Children’s Garden features a variety of unusual plants, including a banana tree that children are allowed to pick from. In the Pond Garden, there are goldfish and turtles that children can feed from the edge of the bridge.

The Children’s Garden is a favorite place for weddings and pictures during the spring and summer months.

Reedy River park

Reedy River park located in Greenville South Carolina is a quiet escape from the noise of city life. The trail follows the scenic Reedy River through Furman University and into downtown where it connects with Swamp Rabbit Trail . It has a variety of interesting plant species and wildflowers, making it perfect for hiking or walking on any day of the year as it is surrounded by shade from majestic trees. It also has a small wooden bridge and stream that leads into the back of Furman University.

Reedy River park is open to walkers, bikers and joggers. Pets are also allowed on leashes as long as they are kept under control by their owners at all times.

Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park is located on Cleveland Ave in the heart of Greenville, SC. There are many events that take place here including summer concerts, outdoor yoga and movies at dusk during the summer months.

This park has a variety of interesting plant species and wildflowers making it perfect for hiking or walking. The trails are surrounded by shade from majestic trees and it has a small wooden bridge and stream that leads into the back of Furman University.

Cleveland park is open to walkers, bikers and joggers. Pets are also allowed on leashes as long as they are kept under control by their owners at all times.

Reedy Falls Park

Carol Ann Bohn lives near Reedy Falls Park. “We have the best of all worlds here,” she said.

“We are close to downtown but can still live in a quiet community when we’re not out and about.”

She moved to Greenville from New Jersey six years ago. Like many people, she chose Greenville because of the outdoor activities.

“I love the community feel in Greenville and all the things to do outdoors … especially with our children,” she said. ##Reedy Falls Park The trail, which offers public access and open space to 20,000 acres of private property, is mostly flat with a few short hills. There are several gravel parking lots along the trails. Hikers walk from the spartan parking lot on Larkin Road onto the Swamp Rabbit Trail and immediately cross under Interstate 85 into a leafy oasis of ponds and wetlands, old farms and cottonwood trees.

Trail Facilities


There are more than 20 parking lots along the trail.


There is one restroom beside Lake Conestee, one in Cleveland Park, two in Reedy Falls Park, and one in Mayberry park. Biking to the north, you will find another nine restrooms on your way.

Water Fountains

There so many fountains along the trail so you can fill up your water bottle and take some rest.

Coffee Stops

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery

Come in and get your caffeine fix. It’s a great place to relax after a long hike or bike ride. They are open 7 days a week, at 7:30am to 7:00pm.

Due South Coffee

With a menu of seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches, plus a large selection of gourmet desserts there is something to satisfy every palate.

Due South Coffee is open Monday through Saturday at 6:30 am – 7:00 pm and Sunday from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Leopard Forest Coffee Co. at

Greenville Tech Lees-McRae College recently partnered with the City of Greenville to offer college courses at two new locations in downtown. Leopard Forest Coffee Co. occupies a 1,200 square foot space that is partly funded by the city’s Downtown Development Grant Program.

“Our cozy coffee shop is the perfect spot to settle in with your laptop or grab a seat on our front porch to take in a game of chess or just enjoy the weather,” said Bob Nunnery, owner of Leopard Forest Coffee Co.

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse

Just opened, Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse is the perfect place for a quick bite and refreshment.

The shop serves up tasty crepes in addition to serving local craft beer and great cups of coffee.

“We are so excited that we are open,” said Katie Meeks, owner of Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse.

“It’s been a long road but it’s been worth it and we are so thankful to our family, friends and community that helped us get here.”

Whistle Stop at the American Cafe

An old train depot that was restored in the 1800s that now houses a cafe and coffee shop.

Also known for their signature gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches like the Cubano and The Grand Central. A must visit!

Address: 109 S Main St, Travelers Rest, SC 29690, United States

restaurants along swamp rabbit trail

Golden Brown & Delicious

Apart from the coffee and the sandwiches, Golden Brown & Delicious offers a full breakfast and lunch menu of burgers and salads.

Address: 147 Welborn St Suite B1, Greenville, SC 29601, United States

Passerelle Bistro

Provides Greenville With French Cuisine

Passerelle Bistro is a casual french bistro in falls park, and provides an exceptional dining experience to all who enter. Passerelle offers a lunch service that contains classic dishes with a modern twist as well as fine dining for dinner. Their menu has been described as traditional French cuisine but the chef has added a modern twist to it. The restaurant aims at satisfying its customers and providing a chic dining experience in an upscale environment.

Passerelle is a relatively small restaurant that provides top notch service and food. There are many reasons why Passerelle stands out from the rest of the restaurants in the area.

The Lazy Goat

The Lazy Goat is a farm-to-table restaurant that takes pride in serving locally sourced food. Locals say it provides the freshest ingredients, and has a menu that changes from season to season. In addition to being sustainable, The Lazy Goat also uses local meats and cheeses to help build their dishes. Local produce is used to provide a taste of the growing conditions that exist in the area, and they also support many other local farms. By doing this, The Lazy Goat is providing an authentic experience to their customers while supporting and strengthening the community by choosing locally sourced ingredients.


Jianna is a fine dining, classic Italian restaurant that offers their customers an unforgettable experience. They have a menu that is filled with rich flavors and dishes that are inspired by the country of Italy. Jianna provides its customers with quality food and water in order to leave them satisfied after every visit. The restaurant has a beautiful interior with tall ceilings and a comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant provides plush booths and table tops, and has big windows that allow the customers to see out into the city of Greenville. In addition to having great service with top quality food, Jianna offers its customers a wine list that was curated by an experienced sommelier who is responsible for selecting wines for all of the customers.

Every dish that is served in Jianna was made with Italian ingredients and a strong attention to detail. The menu provides customers with authentic flavors mixed with modern cuisine, which will leave you satisfied and wanting more. The restaurant has an excellent location right by the waterfalls in Greenville, South Carolina. Not only does it have a beautiful environment, but their food is exquisite, and their service is impeccable. There are many reasons why Jianna has been able to stand out from the rest of the restaurants in the area.

Chicora Alley

Chicora Alley is a restaurant that has been included in the top 10 restaurants of Greenville, SC. It features tapas style dishes to allow for patrons to sample multiple dishes from their menu. Their location just outside of downtown Greenville allows for many people to enjoy their food and ambiance. While Chicora Alley only provides small tapas plates, what they lack in size of plates is made up for in flavor. They have homemade dishes that are cooked by their famous chef to ensure a quality dining experience with each meal. Chicora Alley offers many different tapas mixes such as seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. In addition to serving their customers delicious food, Chicora alley also has an impressive wine list and traditional Spanish style cocktails to choose from.

Chicora Alley is a great restaurant for small groups of people or even more intimate occasions such as date nights. It provides its customers with an experience that no other restaurant in Greenville can offer.

Where to stay

swamp rabbit inn

One great place to stay in the area is at the Swamp Rabbit Inn. It is a bed and breakfast that offers its customers a unique experience when it comes to accommodations. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as TVs, refrigerators and microwaves in order to meet the needs of every traveler. The inn has many different types of rooms from suites to one room studios so there is something for everyone.

In addition to the amenities that are offered, Swamp Rabbit Inn has free breakfast daily. The breakfast is not just your typical continental spread but a full on hot meal that was made fresh by a local restaurant. Another bonus of staying at the inn is you get to meet and interact with fellow guests. The breakfast is served in the main area of the inn where everyone can sit and chat while enjoying their meal.

One of the best features of staying at the inn is its location. It is just a short walk away from many great attractions such as downtown Greenville, Swamp Rabbit Trail and more! In addition to being outfitted with many features and a prime location, Swamp Rabbit Inn also has free coffee in the lobby area. That being said, what more could you ask for when it comes to accommodations?

For anyone who is looking to enjoy their next visit to Greenville, make sure you stay at the Swamp Rabbit Inn.

Grand Bohemian Hotel

The Grand Bohemian Hotel is a modern hotel that features a central location in downtown Greenville. This hotel provides luxurious accommodations such as flat screen tvs, marble bathrooms and plush bedding to ensure an excellent stay for all of its customers. Some amenities that the hotel offers include restaurant discounts at local restaurants and even spa treatments to enjoy while staying at the hotel. The Grand Bohemian is the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants to be in walking distance of many restaurants, shops and bars.

The hotel features a rooftop bar that allows customers to enjoy drinks with a view of the city. The restaurant offers craft cocktails and fine dining in addition to their poolside service. There is also an espresso bar in the lobby that provides coffee and drinks to get your day started anytime of day. The hotel has a continental breakfast every morning as well, so you will not have to worry about searching for breakfast on your early morning out.

Westin Poinsett, Greenville

Located at South Main Street (Intersection at Court Street), the Westin Poinsett Hotel is another great option for anyone traveling to Greenville, SC. This hotel offers spacious rooms with luxurious bedding, spa products and room service to ensure a relaxing stay for all of its customers.

The Westin also has an outdoor pool that is covered by the shade of their hotel which allows people to relax in the water during any part of day to take some time for themselves. The Westin Poinsett has a fitness center that is available for all of their customers to stay healthy and fit. The Grand Bohemian Hotel also offers several amenities such as the spa, restaurant discounts and room service.

In addition, the hotel features a rooftop terrace bar that allows guests to enjoy drinks while overlooking Greenville’s skyline. The hotel also houses an espresso bar where guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks or morning coffee.

The Westin offers a complimentary breakfast each morning to its customers which includes eggs, sausage, waffles and many other delicious options.

Hampton Inn & Suites

The Hampton Inn & Suites is located at 171 Riverplace, Greenville, which is just a few minutes from downtown Greenville. The hotel is known for its great location and affordable room rates.

Some amenities that the hotel offers are an outdoor pool, business center and even meeting rooms to ensure a wonderful experience for all of their customers. The Hampton Inn & Suites is a great place to stay with friends or family members.

The hotel also has a restaurant where its customers can enjoy delicious breakfast or dinner options. The Hampton’s restaurant, Thoroughbreds Cafe’ and Lounge, is open daily for breakfast from 6:30am-10am and nightly for dinner from 4pm-10pm. The Cafe’ also offers a late night menu that is available from 10:30pm-12am.

Thoroughbred’s Cafe’ and Lounge serves American dishes such as steaks, pork chops, pasta dishes and many other options to ensure that all of its customers get the best experience possible.

The restaurant even has an outdoor patio for customers to dine in the fresh air.

The Hampton’s restaurant also offers a bar where guests can enjoy drinks with their meal or even some local craft beers on tap.

In addition, to its amazing restaurant, The Thoroughbreds Cafe’ and Lounge is also known for hosting fantastic events such as live music and karaoke.

The Hampton Inn & Suites is a great place to stay in Greenville, SC with its restaurant and pool options available for all their customers.



Embassy Suites by Hilton

The Embassy Suites by Hilton is located in Greenville’s Historic West End and is a great place to stay for anyone looking to be in walking distance of many restaurants, shops and bars.

The hotel features a rooftop bar that allows customers to enjoy drinks with a view of the city as well as an espresso bar that provides coffee and drinks to the hotel’s customers.

Some amenities the hotel offers are a fitness center, outdoor pool, sundeck and meeting rooms for business conferences or wedding showers. The Embassy also has two on-site restaurants open seven days a week to ensure that all of their guests receive the best possible service.

The restaurant downstairs is called the West End Cafe’ and offers great American classics such as ribs, steaks and pasta dishes for those looking to enjoy a delicious meal in the Historic West End.

The Embassy Suites also has an on-site restaurant called Romeo’s Italian Bistro and this is a great option for guests who have a more discerning palate. Romeo’s chef focuses on fresh ingredients and Italian classics such as fresh seafood, steak and pastas.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton is a great place to stay in Greenville, SC because of its convenient location and amenities for all of their customers.



Final thought

Conclusion paragraph: Whether you are looking for a day trip or the perfect place to take your kids, The Swamp Rabbit Trail is one of Greenville’s gems. With all it has to offer – from mountain views in downtown Greenville, to Furman University – this trail has become my favorite place to ride! Did you know that there is also an active Facebook group where people share their adventures on this trail? Join us today and be in the thick of constant ideas and inspiration.

Comments from people who have biked this trail before (add yours below!)

Monroe said Trail 2000, an organization of volunteers who help maintain the trails in Greenville County, has done a lot to bring more people to the trails. “Trail 2000 is an integral part of our outdoor activities,” she said “They are constantly maintaining the trails and building new ones. That is how we get more people out enjoying our trails.”

The trail has brought in new businesses to Greenville. “We’ve begun seeing more children on skates and parents with baby strollers,” Chapple said.

“People are biking, fishing and walking along the trail.”

“This trail is sooo beautiful !”

What are your thoughts? Have you ever biked this trail? Do you have any tips to share? Any questions?

See you out there!

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