Cloud-based party and event rental software

Party and Event Rental Software

Rentrax is the ideal software for party and event rental businesses, with a comprehensive range of features and functions that make your business easier to run and much more profitable. If you’ve read a little about us, you’ll know that we started out as a bike rental business that made our own rental software when we couldn’t find any pre-existing service that met our needs. This was because most rental software is simply repurposed from something else, as opposed to being purpose-built for the rental industry. This is why Rentrax’s rental software makes such a huge impact on our range of rental industries, including party and event management


Event and Party Rental Inventory Management Software

We’d like to outline the various functions Rentrax could offer your party or event rental business, but we can’t list everything here. If you’d like the comprehensive list, check out our rental software features resource and contact us if you have any questions.

Rentrax offers all of the party/event rental management software you might already expect, including a detailed and powerful inventory management feature that allows you to keep a careful eye on all of your assets. But the SKU-based inventory management goes a step further by helping you organize your party rental products into subcategories and sections that make sense for your business. This feature helps customers browsing online to sift through your entire product offering, finding exactly what they need as quickly and easily as possible. Happy rental customers are repeated customers, and they are much more likely to recommend your event rental service to friends and family.

Party Equipment Maintenance Features

Another invaluable feature of Rentrax’s party/event rental software is that it allows you to keep track of how much revenue each asset has generated for your business. In turn, this allows you to sell specific items of stock when they have earned over their initial cost of investment. This feature helps event rental businesses to make more money by selling assets when they remain valuable while also allowing businesses to replenish older, more worn items with brand-new stock. Ultimately, parties and events rely on impressive people more than most other rental niches, and this makes Rentrax uniquely designed to boost your company’s overall revenue. 

Suppose you have a business in other rental niches like furniture, construction, or medical equipment rental or looking for other features. In that case, it is best explained in a conversation with one of our trained rental software experts. Schedule a demo, and we can explain everything Rentrax can do to empower your party/event rental business!

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