Cloud-based furniture rental software, with inventory management

Furniture Rental Software

Rentrax software is specifically designed for the rental industry and it works especially well as furniture rental software. If you know anything about Rentrax, you’ll know that we started out in the rental industry before we began designing software; but we realized we would have to make our own rental software as none of the available options offered everything a rental business needed. With a powerful SKU-based inventory management system, our software makes running your furniture rental business easier and more profitable.

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More Than Just Furniture Inventory Management Software

Not every furniture rental business is the same, so good software needs to offer as many features and functions as possible that could empower a business. We won’t list everything here, as our range of rental software features is too large to include everything on this page. However, we’d like to summarize some of the most relevant features of the furniture rental niche:

  • Inventory management is the key to any successful rental business, and Rentrax offers an easy-to-use system for organizing your assets according to a wide range of parameters.
  • Online bookings on your website can draw directly from our rental software, enabling your customers to select from a wider range of filters, booking at any time, greatly increasing your business’s revenue.
  • Flexible rental terms allow you to change things on the fly to suit your business instead of being locked into frustrating software restrictions. We aim to empower you as much as possible so our software is agile and nuanced while remaining easy to use.

Track and Maintain the Quality of Stock Over Time

Rentrax also offers a unique feature that allows furniture rental businesses to keep track of the stock quality, flagging when the furniture has been rented out X number of times and is due maintenance. Not only does this allow you to maintain the highest possible quality standards, but it also allows you to easily monitor how much revenue specific items have generated. Once the furniture has more than earned its initial cost of investment, you can sell it while it is still valuable. This is a great way to replenish stock over time while generating more revenue. There is so much to Rentrax and what our software can bring to your furniture rental business. If you’d like to know more, schedule a free demo from one of our experts, or simply get in touch and ask us anything you’d like to know.

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