Do you know Rentrax bike rental manager software can help you manage your business effectively? Well, you need to secure one, and you will have a relatively good time while managing your bikes. It incorporates all the aspects of the company which enhance customer satisfaction. It has been used before to manage bikes business and ensure there is proper tracking of every bike.

For instance, you can optimize the software and include all the specifications which you need to enhance the effective management of the rental bikes. If you have a bike rental business, then you need to pay attention to this article and learn more insights about the software:

Rentrax bike rental manager software helps the company customize all the operations under one software, which would enhance the effective management of the bikes. A business owner will have a relatively good time to manage the company and ensure all the bikes which are rented are in good condition.

Features Of Rentrax Bike Rental Manager Software

Reservation of the bikes

With the help of the BRM, customers can make the bike reservation online, which would reduce the time consumed to book the bikes. In addition to that, the software would be accessible by many people in the market as compared to when the bike reservation is made on a manual basis.

It Has A Scheduling Feature

The software will have a clear overview of the bikes and the respective dates when the bikes would be rented to enhance efficiency and avoid double booking of the bikes. For instance, when the customers make the reservation of the bike, the software will keep a clean and updated record which the business could rely upon.

Allocation Feature

It’s an essential feature in bike rental] business because it’ is customized to meet the needs of the company in the market. The company can allocate the bikes accordingly and ensure each customer gets the bikes in which he made the reservation.

There are different packages which the business gives to their clients, and there is a need to ensure there is a sound system that would ensure the clients get what they reserved. Online customers who make the bookings need to have clear guidelines on the bikes that are available and the software would enhance that.

Tracking Feature

It’s an essential feature in the rental business because the owner would be able to track all the bikes which the company has and ensure there is a reliable record which is the company keeps. You need to have full control of the bikes, and this would ensure all the bikes are safe and ready to get rented to various customers.

For instance, tracking will help track whether the bikes have been paid for? The status of the bikes? And whether the bikes need maintenance? These are an essential question which usually pops up in every business which is operating a rental business.

Barcode Scanning

If you are operating a bike rental business, then you need to have barcode scanning, which would ensure there are clear reservations of the bikes by scanning all the bikes. It will be done, which would reduce the time consumed while filling the papers. You will let all your customers register for themselves, and this would ensure the barcode which the business generates to the bikes has been reserved.

It will ensure all the bikes have been scanned effectively and given different barcodes, which the business world depends on when referring to specific bikes. As an owner, you will have a regular report of the available bikes and those that have been rented out

Benefits of the Rentrax Bike Rental Manager Software

Once the business introduces the new software, it would come with a lot of benefits to the business. These benefits include the following:

It Increases Bookings

With the help of the Rentrax bike rental manager software, it would be possible to have booking done online, which is a major significance to the business. The software will be available to the customers at any time, and the customer can make the booking. Unlike the traditional booking system where the customers would make the paperwork booking, this would be a significant milestone for the business.

It Helps Cut The Administration Cost

Bike rental business can reduce the administration cost by making good use of the software. You need fewer personnel to make the booking of bikes, unlike when you are using the traditional booking method.  Through the reduction of the cost, it would help the business boost the profits which the business makes in the long run.

It Saves Times

Rentrax bike rental manager software would help reduce the time which the customer spends while making the booking. Customers will spend minutes to make the booking using the software, unlike when the business would have relied on the paperwork. Most of the customers would shy away from making bookings due to the lengthy process. BRM is taking over, and the businesses need to have the software in place to improve the delivery of the services to their clients.

It Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Rentrax bike rental manager software would ensure there is excellent customer satisfaction, which is an essential aspect of the business. Every customer will desire to have efficient services while making the booking on the business. For instance, once the business has customized the services and made the software online, it would be possible to improve the level of efficiency.


Rentrax bike rental manager software is important software that every bike business should have to promote the level of efficiency in the business. If you want to improve the business level of output and enhance excellent customer satisfaction, then you need to have the software in place, and your business will have the upper hand in the market.

Traditionally the bike rental business has been relying on the manual system, which is less effective, which has led to low customer retention. Still, with the software in place, it would give the business a new look, and this is what is needed for the business to grow. Introduce the software, and you will never regret it.

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