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Rentrax Water Sports Rental Software – Easy to Use Equipment Rental Software

When you rent water sports equipment, software to run your business is an important decision. Jet Ski rentals, Canoe and Kayak rentals, Kiteboard rentals – whatever you rent, keeping track of everything can be a challenge. And it goes without saying, water and paper don’t go well together. What if you could have a solution in your hand that looked after everything? Rentrax Watersports Rental Software is that solution.

Easy For Your Customers, Easy For You

With our software, it’s easy for your customers to book ahead of time, or at the time. Even better, you can take the software directly to them on a tablet, and all the information, signatures, waivers and security deposits can be handled at the water’s edge! It’s easy to get multiple people included as well, so that all of the waivers are stored, signed and protected. Keep in touch with email or SMS, and at the end of the day an automatic review request is sent to the customer to let them tell you what a great experience they had!

Put Your Customers First, We Have Your Back

Our rental software lets you focus on your customers, giving them a great experience. While you are doing that, we’re looking after everything else, from order booking, payment processing, financial reporting, even inventory management and maintenance scheduling! Deposits go straight to your bank. Access your reports and records anywhere, at any time. We’ve thought of it all with a wide range of features. But if there’s something we’ve missed, you can create your own category, or we’ll build it for you!

Rentrax Rental Software vs. Free Watersports Rental Software

Is free water sports rental software really free? You be the judge. The extra time and hassle of managing the software costs you money, likely more than the cost of a month’s use of Rentrax software. Your time is valuable, and wasting it figuring out how to manage the program isn’t a good use of your time. But everyone likes something for free, so we’ll give you a free trial of our software and you’ll see for yourself how much easier and profitable running your water sports rental business can be.

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