The Rentrax Tool Rental Software Solution – The Right Tool For Your Rental Business

If you are looking for boat rental software, motorcycle rental software or any other type of motorized rental software, you need to look at Rentrax rental software. There’s so much to keep track of, with licences, deposits, fuels costs, the list goes on. Imagine a solution that puts all of that information in one place, permanently, easy to access and speeds up the rental process. That’s what Rentrax software can do for your business.

The Rentrax Tool Rental Software Solution – The Right Tool For Your Rental Business

If you run a tool and equipment rental business, you need to use our Tool Rental Software. With rental times from 4 hours to weeks or months, keeping track of everything is a big challenge. Add in usage charges like blade circumference or other damage, it’s critical to stay on top of the inventory, at the same time helping your customers. Why not keep all the information in one place? That’s what Rentrax software does for you.

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Rental Software Is Easier For Your Customers, Which Makes It Easier For You!

Nothing is more urgent than a tool rental, at least in the eyes of the person renting the tool. Make it easier for them, and for yourself. Create an online catalog of your inventory for them to view. When they have found what they need, they can book right there online, or by phone of they choose. When they arrive, it’s a quick process of signing a waiver and confirming the contract, you have them out the door. When the rental is done, the software sends an automatic email requesting a review of the service – all you need to do is read about their great experience!

Easy For Your Customers, Easier For You

What scramble around when Rentrax Software can make things so much easier for you? Tool and Equipment Rental doesn’t need to be complicated – you have inventory, people want to rent it. Why get in the way? Post the inventory on your website for your customers to choose, instead of calling you and asking a bunch of questions. Let them book electronically so you aren’t using (and losing) paper. Get their payment information and store it in the program – and have the payment directly transferred to your bank. Add extra costs with ease. Track your inventory and schedule maintenance. And access all your reports from anywhere, with ease.

Software is a Tool, and Free Tools, Like Free Software, Rarely Work Well

Free rental software might not have a charge up front, but over time the costs add up. Time, stress and errors are just a few things that free software are good at generating, profits and free time aren’t. Free software is usually something intended for another purpose and has been re-engineered to fit the purpose, instead of starting with the purpose and building the software to suit that purpose. We know because we built the software to use in our own rental business, after trying everything else. We are always making improvements, to make improvements in your business. 

 See How Rentrax Rental Software Is The Right Tool For Your Business

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