Yes Cycle Adventures success story

“Since using Rentrax, our in-store customers’ wait time decreased by 30% and our revenue increased by 15%”

With the objective to reduce in-store customers’ wait time and eliminate pen and paper, Yes Cycle Adventures, decided to start using Rentrax. Yes Cycle’s Denmen location went through a complete digital transformation overhauling the shop operation to support online and kiosk reservations. In addition to the improvement in customers’ experience, by reducing average wait time to less than 3 minutes, the shop saw a 15% increase in revenue and 20% savings on employee costs. It did not take long for Fabio, Yes Cycle’s founder, to implement Rentrax in their second location.  

Yes Cycle’s Digital Transformation Story

What is Fabio saying about Rentrax?

By using Rentrax, we are saving considerable time in our daily operation and my employees are happy with it. We got rid off pen & paper (including manual imprint of credit card), saving time on searching for customers records when they return and quickly cashing them out (which makes them happy), accepting online reservations, keeping track of our promotions, and easily switching rates between low and high seasons are some features that we are using most.

FabioFabio Meisami, Yes Cycle