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This resource has been created to offer free business advice and inspiration related to the rental industry. We have already created numerous guides to help rental business owners, and we will continue to research and write resources in the future. We hope some of the resources below have the answers you’re looking for — or that we can inspire and empower you to make your rental business dream a reality. Alongside our guides, we will also continue to create case studies that accurately convey how much our rental software solutions can positively impact your business. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch

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15 Rental Business Ideas

The entire rental industry is huge as it comprises numerous rental niches all joined together by one concept: customers pay to borrow equipment, then give it back, allowing the business...
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Brief Guide to Software Solutions for Ski and Bike Rentals

Shopping around for rental software for your business isn’t as easy as shopping for new rental stock, or even where you’re going to establish your store. This is because rental...
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How to Choose the Best Sports Equipment Rental Software

Whether you already have a sports equipment rental business or you’re planning on starting one up, chances are you’ve clicked through to this blog because you understand the importance of...
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Case Studies

Urban Alpine Case Study

Read the Urban Alpine case study here at Rentrax. Urban Alpine is a ski lifestyle shop trying to go paperless & embrace technology. Read their story.
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