Everything you need to know about Rentrax

What is Rentrax Software & How Can It Help Your Rental Business?

“Rentrax Equipment Rental Software” is a rental management system that is custom-built to manage your online rental store and automate your in-store rental process. It is uniquely designed for the way you do business with a host of amazing features that will save you time, minimize billing and order fulfilment errors + automate your rental bookings 24/7.

Using Rentrax, you can conveniently manage and monitor your business from anywhere in the world, anytime, using any device – whether you use PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Rentrax will enable you to:

  • Process online rental bookings & reservations for new and existing customers, 24/7.
  • Automate your invoicing and billing process.
  • Accept credit card payments, pre-authorizations as well as deposits.
  • Manage equipment rental ‘availability status’ by tracking every single rental item you have in your fleet so you never end up double booking your customers again.

Top 5 Reasons to use Rentrax

1. Cloud-based System:

Because the entire system is cloud based , it empowers you with the ability to run your business from anywhere, anytime. All your important rental business documents; agreements and waivers are stored electronically which means you will no longer need to worry about managing your paperwork for any legal compliance scenario. In addition, it comes with an e-signature feature so your customers can sign your rental paperwork electronically.

2. Real-Time inventory:

With just a few clicks of the mouse, Rentrax will enable you to quickly determine which items in your inventory are available for your next customers to rent out; which products are actually out being rented, along with  the list of all your products that are out for service or maintenance. No more guess-work.
Real-Time reporting also gives you the ability to determine your best performing and most popular rental products so you can strategically capitalize on your best opportunities by adjusting your prices accordingly so you can make more money.

3. Flexible price management System

Do you price your rental equipment based on hourly or daily rental rates? Or maybe both, depending on the product or product package? Well, Rentrax’s flexible price management in-built tool will allow you to set your own pricing and rental rates. You can pre-configure late fees, deposit amounts, credit card pre-authorization amounts e.t.c. depending on your specific, unique business pricing policies.  You can easily bundle products and create multiple rental equipment categories and/or sub-categories for various types of items, allowing you to set multiple price points as you please. Truly flexible price management at its best.

4. Smart Point of Sale System

This powerful feature allows you to combine retail sales orders — in addition to your rental orders, all on one invoice. So not only will Rentrax automate your day-to-day rental orders and reservations, it will also give you the power of a robust retail POS system.

All your individual customer  transactions can be processed and itemized on one invoice using one central order processing systems.  You no longer need to piece multiple systems or platforms in order to keep track of your sales. You can do it all from Rentrax!

5. Promotions and marketing System

Boosting rental orders & customer loyalty with Rentrax’s in-built ‘Promotions & Marketing’ feature is a breeze. Whether you extend discount promotions to your new and existing customers, or you take advantage of  referral business from other business to stimulate new and repeat orders, Rentrax is fully equipped with a ‘Promotions & Marketing’ tracking feature so you can incentivize your best sources of business. You can quickly generate new promotions and track any  referral sources complete with  multiple, unique promo codes  and/or  promo expiration dates.

Other Rentrax features: Online reservation, seasonal pricing, split invoice, role & staff management, secure http, basic reporting, data import & export, etc.

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