Property management is an essential process in which there is an establishment of a system that helps minimize all the hidden costs and, therefore, ensures there is combined isolation of the property, therefore increasing the profit. It is in the interest of the property owners to have their properties installed with an effective system that could ensure there is a reduction of all the related costs. On the other hand, the tenant wants to rent a property that has digitalized its system to ensure a high degree of satisfaction and contentment.

The system will ensure there are effective analyses of all the upkeep costs and the multiple properties, the collection of the rental payment from the tenants, inspection, and maintenance to ensure the house remains better furnished. All these operations which involve the properties are many, and therefore it could be difficult to be done manually, especially where many properties are involved.

Why businesses need a property management software system?

Real estate and the hotel chain are key empires that need an improved version of the property management to ensure effective operations and improve effectiveness. For instance, the hotel industry needs a system that has incorporated all the features to ensure all the demand in the market has been met. For instance, the books of the accounts and other vital aspects need a software which is improved. On the other hand, real estate is growing so rapidly, and the demand for homes is on the rise. Therefore, having an integrated management software would ensure the property owner can improve the estate management. In this article, our main areas of concern will be to consider all the free software you can use to manage your property.

Rent Manager

The rent manager is one of the leading property management software used in the management of their property due to the features included in the software. It makes it possible for one to run and integrate the business through ensuring there is the provision of the solution to all the challenges which exist in running the properties. The software has been customized and is ideal for the properties management and thus ensures all the issues which relate to the properties have been addressed. Also, its best suited for all the properties sizes and therefore making the rent manager as most effective for the business. One can incorporate different portfolio and solidify them for one software, which ensures there is effective management.

Rentec Direct

The software serves a web-based. It has a full-featured management system that best suits all the landlords and other property managers and, therefore, ensures there is the effective management of the properties irrespective of the size of the property. For instance, the software is the best suit for the properties, which are between 25 and 5000 units, which is relatively difficult to manage manually. You don’t need to have startup fees and term commitments, making the software more accessible to the customers. It has also included US-based customer services and training, which ensure all the software users have been able to interact with the system more proficiently.

For example, the Rentec software includes general ledger accounting and other key financial reporting, which ensure there is optional QuickBooks synchronization, which usually accepts the online payment and also ensures all the tenants in the property have portals that have personal information. Tenants can access their information online, which makes it possible for one to pay or access other vital services online. To ensure there is safety in the software, there is a 2- factor authentication and also third-party security verification, which ensures there is data backup.


SimplifyEm is considered to be one of the easiest software which you can use other than the spreadsheets and the financial applications due to the features which are included in the software. It is very appropriate as it ensures there is the effective management of the property by ensuring all the tenants who occupy the property pay on time and, therefore, avoid the vacancies. It helps to save money and ensure there is the ease in the management of the property by the landlord and the property managers.

There are different activities involved in property management, and, therefore, with simplified software, you will be able to meet all the requirements and ensure the property is effective management. You will be able to manage your rental advertising, tenant screening, and other key activities that are involved with the properties, which are very key and essential. In addition to that, it also comes with a defined communication channel, which ensures that your tenants are in constant communication with the tenants on time. With reliable, detailed reporting and customers, it would ensure there is customer satisfaction.

Cozy software

Cozy is the latest software in the market, which is being used by the landlords and the property manager to manage their properties and ensure all the services are offered to the tenants who reside in the building. For instance, the software is used for online rent payments, tenant’s applications, advertise vacancies, and tenant screening services, which are crucial.

It’s a one-stop-shop for the tenants and the property managers to interact and ensure they interact, browse, and also perform all the background checks to ensure the managers have the appropriate exposure in the management of the property.

However, it’s important to note that Cozy software does not have the maintenance report manager. Therefore, it makes the software more suitable for small properties management compared to other software. There are great benefits that come with the software, and therefore there is a need to ensure the landlord and the property manager have been able to manage their properties.

Tenant Cloud

It’s a cloud-based property management software which helps the managers in the management of the properties. Several features come with the software, including rent collection, property listings, and applicant screening, which are essential for property management. If you have a property and want to manage it with software, then you need to install the TenantCloud, which is perfect for property management, especially those below 75 units. However, if you have large properties, then there are essential cost plans available for you, which you can use. These key features which come with the software which ensures there is the improvement of the services.

AppFolio Property Manager

The software is a low-cost property management software that you can use and manage your property, which is more than 200 units. It’s cloud-based software, which means you can access the software from the cloud. With the software, you can control accounting, marketing, leasing, and maintenance with the use of the software. As a property manager or the landlord, you need to install the software and ensure that your tenants are more satisfied due to efficiency. There is a need to incorporate the new software in the management of the properties to ensure tenants are more satisfied with the services offered.

123 Landlord software

It is an online-based rental property management software that was developed by SuiteBlue Inc. It comes with key features which can be adopted by the landlords and the property managers to ensure there is easy management of the properties through ensuring there is effective automation of the rental businesses and thus ensuring there is effective monitoring of the rent dues and also the collection of the payments in the property. The software is available in the cloud, and therefore this makes the software accessible anytime and everywhere, which makes it possible for the services delivery to be made relatively easier.


It’s a property real page company that helps to provide all the solutions related to the property management for the managers and the landlords. Different types of residential association properties need to be managed, and therefore there is a need to have reliable software that would ensure there is effective management. It’s accessible anywhere and anytime, and therefore this makes it possible for one to manage the property more effectively as compared to other properties that are managed manually.

For instance, you can use the software and access all the online payments, vacancy management, and maintenance, which is crucial when it comes to property management. Residents and property owners can increase the level of satisfaction, which instead boosts the level of business growth. You need to get the software today, and you will be able to boost the level of the growth of the business.

Final Thought

Property management software is essential when you are managing large and small properties. It makes the work relatively easier for the landlord and the property managers in the hotel and the real estate business. They are free software that you can install in your business and access all the services offered, which are crucial for the management of the property. However, if you want to boost the management level, there is software which has cost- plan which is relatively affordable and therefore ensures there is a great satisfaction.

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