Placing Orders, Delivery and Return with Rentrax

Placing Orders

You can use Rentrax for placing orders, delivery and return. Rental orders require you to enter your Customer’s basic information with details like their name, their email phone number etc.

After that, you can select the item(s) that they want to rent. You can add multiple renters under the same order and select multiple items if the order is for a group of people.

From there, you can specify the rental period. After you can either present or print your rental agreement or waiver for your customers to sign.

The software is capable of accepting and processing credit cards. Therefore, if your policy is to take credit card pre-authorization or deposit, you can do that at this stage as well.

The Delivery & Return Features

Once the rental order is placed, the items will show up on your dashboard as an “Open Order” – meaning that the order is pending and the items still need to be delivered.

The items that are rented out will need to be delivered physically and through the software itself.

Delivering the equipment within the software requires only clicking on the button that says “Deliver Item”.

This action essentially tells the software to start the rental clock for the items being rented. If you are tracking each individual item in your inventory, the software also updates your inventory by subtracting that item from your available products.

You can charge your customers and collect payment at “Delivery” or you can process your invoices when they return the items. When the customer returns the item, you simply click on the “Return Items” button to stop the rental clock and then “Proceed” to close that order.

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