Hotel management entails the use of the software to ensure all the reservations are managed effectively. For instance, the big hotels that receive many guests need to have well-equipped software that ensures all the reservations are made on time, and all the guests are well booked in the hotel. The reservation software has boosted the hospitality companies in ensuring the processes are done more effectively and efficiently and, therefore, ensure the improved customer experience. If the hotel has boosted its reservation, it will promote customer retention, which is very important for hotel growth.

Hotel employees in charge of the reservation management are more likely to benefit from the reservation software since it’s relatively easy to receive the applications and book the customers in the hotel’s respective rooms. The software helps manage all the customers’ records and, therefore, ensures the guests’ records are more preserved compared to when the hotel is using the paperwork. In this article, we shall consider the best online reservation software for hotels, which could help boost customer satisfaction in various hotels.


Cloudbed software is one of the online software which is adopted by many hotels for the reservation of the guests in the hotels. It’s a management system that ensures that you can connect your hotel with hundreds of channels. It has real-time, and also two- way integration, which ensure all the online application from the guest from all over.

With the software, you will be able to manage the reservations, rate plans, reporting, and other key activities related to the hotels and therefore ensure all the applicants can log in. There is a dashboard provided in the software, and this will help give an overview of all the applications that have been made in the current or the previous day.

It will be possible to manage the reservations with a drag- and – drop calendar, and this will help you to check-in your guest on time. In addition to that, the software will also generate an email report for all the customers, and this would make it possible to connect with all the guests and ensure they are managed effectively.

The software has key features which include the following:

  • CRM
  • Group Reservations
  • Rate Management
  • Third-Party Booking
  • Customer Support
  • Room Booking Management
  • Booking Notes

InnRoad Software

It’s a cloud-based property management system that has been designed effectively to meets all the demands for the hospitality industry, especially when it comes to the reservation for the hotels. It provides all the tools that help the users manage the room and ensure that all the customer bookings have been managed effectively. The guest can make the online applications and reserve their rooms before they could check-in for the room.

It provides customized booking engines, which ensures matching of the website and, therefore, promotes customer satisfaction in the market. It makes it possible for the staff to handle all the online applications, which are made by customers and ensure improved efficiency at the operation level. Like hotels, many guests want to check-in and out, and therefore having a more equipped software would ensure there is the effective management of the guest while in the hotels. There are great chances that the guests are more likely to return to the same hotel in the future due to the customers’ services, which he or she was offered.

EZee Frontdesk by eZee Techosys

The software is used for the online reservation in big and small hotels for more than 100 countries. The software can be accessed online, and therefore it makes it possible for the guest to make their application online and, therefore, reserves for the rooms before they could check in their respective rooms. Management of the hotels and booking has been made possible with the introduction of the software since the hotels can manage all the guests who are making the online applications. For instance, for the big hotels with more than 200 units, it is possible to ensure all the rooms have been allocated to the guests before they could check-in. Unlike other online reservation software, eZee FrontDesk software does not directly share the pricing information, but it can always be provided upon the request. In addition to that, it also comes with a 30- day trial, which gives you a good opportunity to interact with the system for free.


In the wake of the rising cases of COVID- 19, there is a need for the hotels to ensure there is a digitization of the reservation system, and this would keep your staff and the guest safe from multiple infections. It would be possible for your employers to interact and accept the guest’s online application and check-in while working remotely. This would have great significance in reducing the spread of the infections and ensuring all the welfare of the guests have been taken good care.

It is a cloud-based software that you can access anywhere and anytime, and this makes it possible to facilitate the online reservation for the guests with minimal paperwork. In addition to that, the software ensures there is effective management by ensuring there is a simplification of the process of serving the guests and ensuring all the rooms have been booked and prepared before the guests could check-in.

It increases the hotel’s ability to manage online sales, which are made and ensure the hotel can access more guests from all parts of the globe. Hotels that have introduced the software have benefited since they have been able to boost the number of guests who visit the hotel.


It’s a perfect software that can be used in the management of hotels, especially when it comes to guests’ reservations in the hotels. The hotel can organize all the bookings made in the hotel from all the channels since the software is available online. Since the software was launched, it has been successfully used in different hotels for online reservations, making it one of the best software for online booking. It has good support systems that ensure maximum customer support if there are issues related to the system.

The software has a good reputation in the market, with many businesses using the software for the bookings online. For instance, the guests can log in to the hotel website and create an account in the software and access all the available rooms which are there in the hotels. The guest will be expected to provide all the details needed and therefore reserve the rooms until the date when they check – in the hotel. Also, the software is easy to install and set up and would only take less than 15 minutes and comes with a three-week free trial.

Think Reservations

It’s an all-in-one online booking engine used by the hotels and other key businesses in the hospitality industry to manage the hotels’ reservations and promote the management of the hotel. It is best suited for both small and large properties, making it possible for one to regulate the reservation by targeting more online sales. It provides a fast, professional, and comprehensive reserve management system that ensures customer satisfaction. It is relatively easy to use, making it possible for the staff to interact with the system in a better way and thus ensure all the customers are more satisfied with the services offered.

On the other hand, ThinkReservations offers integrated payment processing, which ensures all the payments are made on time by the guests who book the room through the online reservations. For instance, the channel is directly connected with various other channels, including and Airbnb, among others, which are more verifiable. Therefore, they can be used by the hotels to improve the level of productivity and profitability.


The software is designed to provide all the solutions needed by the small and large hotels when it comes to reservations. It’s a robust cloud-based hotel management software that is more productive and can be used to ensure all the online reservations are made on- time. It ensures there is an improved level of the capabilities within the hotels, thus ensuring a good flow of the company’s operations. Hotelgix will ensure it is swift in the reservation, and this would enhance the occupancy rates’ level.

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