Do you have a small business that you need to improve the management level to ensure there is swift booking without more challenges? When dealing with a business that wants to target more online sales, you need to ensure that you have adopted the use of online booking software that best suits the small businesses. It is very tough to manage the customers, and therefore it’s appropriate for you to have scheduling of the customers who makes the online booking relatively easier.

Optimally for you to operate the business, you need to have a booking software that will help you to manage online sales. With an appointment scheduling software, it would be possible to manage all the emergency bookings and reschedule even with short notice and reduce the cost of the operations. Executing these operations manually will be difficult, and therefore having software in place would ensure all the bookings are made expertly. All is needed for the customers to visit the website, which is provided by the business and book for the product or the services the business is offering. In this review, we shall consider the best appointment scheduling software that the small business can consider:


Appointment software is one of the robust software which can be adopted by small businesses and ensure that they boost online booking. It comes with different features that are very key in the management of online sales and therefore ensure there are effective customer services. For instance, if the business has multiple locations, it would be possible to solidify all the bookings into one central position, making it possible for the management.

Customers can access the software online, and therefore they can book their appointment online through interaction with the software. The software has been upgraded to handle appointments and bookings from multiple locations and departments, and therefore one software can handle a lot of online applications with a minimal workload. It is important to note that all the applications are secured with the SSL encryptions, which ensure there is safety. It makes it essential to] secure all the customer details from access from the third- party, which increases customer confidence. On the other hand, the software also comes with other key features, including producing the reports.

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It’s a booking software which can be used by small businesses to manage all the bookings which are done online. It operates differently as compared to other software due to the features which the software comes with. For instance, with the software, your customers can access and make appointments offline; this makes it possible for more sales to be made. For instance, the software works more effectively with other desktop applications, ensuring functional integration with other applications. In addition to that, the software has more access to other lists of business software, including QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM. This ensures there is the provision of the right codes used for the copy and paste to the website. In addition to that, it’s important to note that the software also provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring effective communication with the customers.

Square appointment

Square appointment is scheduling software for the small business, which can be adopted for scheduling and support the payment process, making the software more suitable for the small business. The software is best suited for the individual items and therefore ensures there is perspective technology adopted by the business. There are vital features integrated with the software, and they ensure all the bookings that are done online are managed effectively. Once the customers have made the booking online, the software would send texts and email notifications to the customers. This makes communication relatively easier for customers and the business.

Customers can only make their booking online, and therefore this reduces all the paperwork which needs to be undertaken by the business. The business can manage all the bookings which are done online and also fast track all the employees schedule on all the customers who have been booked online. In addition to that, the customers’ details will also be verified, and the history and this would make it possible to follow up with the customers once they have been booked in the system.


It’s a cloud-based software that can be used by the customers to make the online booking for the product or the services in a more convenient manner, which enhances the level of the management of the business. It’s a CRM based appointment scheduling software. It is designed for the small business which does not target as many customers as those of the large businesses. Its primary focus is to ensure the customers get the best services after making the online booking. It ensures there is a double booking for the same product or the business’s services, which is a common phenomenon with manual bookings. On the other hand, the software accepts the payment from other payment gateways, which includes PayPal, making it possible for the customers to make the booking and pay for the services. It has other key features, including the track leads, email tracking, calendar integration, and many other vital features.


It’s a professional outline that small businesses can use to make online bookings and an inclusive appointment from all the parts of the World. It’s available in the cloud, making it possible to be accessible by many customers online. Another key feature of the software is that it has incorporated more payment gateways. This makes the software more accessible to the customers who are expected to make the payment after booking for services. For instance, the services company should consider introducing this software in their business, which could ensure all the customers can book for the services online. These services providers include beauty, spas, gyms, restaurants, among others. The software has been equipped with all the features needed to provide all the solutions and ensure there is high-level maintenance, which helps to reach out to more online customers.

The software comes with all the online tools which ensure there are custom booking websites or the widgets, which allows you to put your website and therefore incorporate all the social medial account hurdles on the website. It does not have any limit to the customers who access the services. Therefore, it is possible to access many customers online instead of other software used by small businesses. You should download the software and ensure that it has been tailored to meets the company demand in the market.


Genbook appointment scheduling software works best for the small business, making it more suitable for all the online booking for the small businesses. It allows the customers to be able to make their appointments with the use of their mobile devices, desktop, and also laptops. It makes it possible for the business to accept all the online sales within the simplified software, making it possible for the business to thrive more. As a business owner, it is possible to manage your business anywhere if there is a connection to the internet. Genbook is accessible through the android and also IOS applications, and it also has the webpage which has the google map and also the business logos, which makes it relevant for the customers to submits their reviews online. On the other hand, the software allows for special promotions, which helps to attract more customers who want to take advantage of the exclusive deals and other available coupons. All the customers who have visited the business will be notified by the email or the SMS, which will help make an update on the appointment.


It’s a cloud-based appointment schedule software that best fits the small business, especially those that offer the services. The software has been updated to ensure a high level of transparency between the business people and the customers, which increases the level of confidence among the customers. As online software, there is a need to ensure there is trust, and this would help promote the relationship, which could ensure there is good sustainability in the business.

In addition to that, the software has an option where the customers can get notifications for the reminders, allowing the customers to either confirm or cancel the rescheduling for the appointments. All the messages that relate to the customers are sent via the SMS, Facebook, and other social media hurdles. It also facilitates the chat features and therefore allows more interactive segments with the customers. On the other hand, it accepts the payments module, which includes the Sage and PayPal, which are essential for the business.

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