Motorized Equipment Rental Software – The Rentrax Solution

If you are looking for boat rental software, motorcycle rental software or any other type of motorized rental software, you need to look at Rentrax rental software. There’s so much to keep track of, with licences, deposits, fuels costs, the list goes on. Imagine a solution that puts all of that information in one place, permanently, easy to access and speeds up the rental process. That’s what Rentrax software can do for your business.

Rental Software Is Better For Your Customers, and Better For You!

Our rental software makes things easier for your customers. They can book any way they like – online, by phone or in person. With any type of motorized equipment, there are a lot of requirements that must be taken care of. These requirements tend to slow things down for your customers. Our software makes it much easier, taking all the necessary information into the database safely and securely. Stay in touch with email or SMS. For your customer, it means a faster, smoother rental. And when the rental is over, the system even sends an automatic email requesting a review so they can share their outstanding experience with others! 

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Put Your Customers First, We Have Your Back

A better experience for your customers, an easier way to run your business for you. There’s so much information to gather on the front line, so why not let our rental software look after it for you? Scan a driver’s licence, take and attach a photo of the rented item for a damage record before and after the rental. Take and hold a security deposit and get a signed e-waiver. Need to extend a rental? No problem. Quickly calculate the mileage and gas cost, and have it directly applied to the contract. The best part is the software easily allows you to control your inventory and schedule maintenance, without having to even think about it. Not to mention automatic deposits to your bank account! Not to mention you can access reports anywhere, any time.

Is There Free Rental Software I Can Use?

Free rental software might not have a charge up front, but over time it will cost you a lot more. Nothing is truly free, there will be some requirement for using any ‘free’ software. Maybe they’ll collect the names of your customers, or send them ads? And what about modifications? Rentrax software isn’t like that. For a small fee, your information stays private, only accessible to you. And we are always working on the program to make it faster, more efficient and more effective for your business. Ultimately, it will reduce your stress, make your customers happier and give you more free time. 

See how Rentrax Rental Software Can Improve Your Business

What have you got to lose? What’s holding you back from improving your business? Try our rental software today! Click on the Schedule a Free Demo button, or give us a call at 1 800 248 1370. We’ll be happy to walk you through the software and show you how much easier running your business can be. 

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