Medical Equipment Rental Software

If you rent out medical equipment, you dedicate your life to making things easier for patients. Why not let our Medical Equipment Rental Software make life easier for you? Spend your valuable time on important issues and let the software look after day-to-day issues. If that sounds like a good plan, read on! 

A Great Customer Experience Starts Here

Your customer’s journey is easy. From your website, they can book their bike, or bikes, plus anything else they need. You can contact them via email or text to stay in touch. When they arrive, it’s a quick confirmation and electronic waiver signing, and they are on the road. Not a single piece of paper is required, and you have permanent records. 


We Help You So You Can Help Your Customers

Medical and mobility equipment isn’t like other rentals. There are many specialized issues that need to be looked after. Plus, you are often dealing with seniors that need an extra bit of help. That’s where Rentrax Rental Software can improve your business. It looks after order taking, inventory control, maintenance scheduling, taking and returning security deposits and storing e-waivers, not to mention a ton of other great features. Plus, it manages deposits so you aren’t running to the bank any more. It even allows you to communicate with your customers by email or text message. When the day is over, you can check any number of reports to see what you have on hand and how much money you made. Since the software is cloud based, you can check those reports from anywhere.

Free Medical Equipment Software – Is It Any Good?

In the long run, Free Rental Equipment Software will cost you a lot of time and money. That’s because free software isn’t updated often, and likely isn’t very flexible. Every hour you spend trying to figure it out is an hour you’re not working on your business, or an hour away from family and friends. We designed Rentrax software because we run a rental business and were frustrated with both paid and free software. It’s designed with the user in mind, it’s not other software that’s been adapted. 

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If you want to see how much easier it can be to run your rental business, click on the Schedule a Free Demo button, or give us a call at 1 800 248 1370. We’ll be happy to run through a simple demonstration and show you how easy it can be to have Rentrax software manage your information, so you can manage your business. Get in touch with us today!

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