There are key features that should be there for any equipment rental software to serve its purpose. Anytime when you want to introduce the rental software, you should be keen to identify such features for the software to work efficiently. In the recent past, there have been trends in rental companies that aim to improve the experience customers get from the rental companies. Here are vital must-have features of a point rental that you should look at.

Order Management

The biggest challenge in rental companies is there is overbooking, which is experienced, and the new point of rental software would help solve the overbooking. For instance, the equipment is booked for a month or a week before one would use the equipment which would give rise to overbooking.

The rental business desires to have their equipment fully booked, and this will also increase customer satisfaction. In addition to that, the companies which rent equipment incur cost due to double bookings, but with the point of rental software, it would solve the problem.

Rentals Dashboard

The rental dashboard feature is essential because it provides real-time data that could be used to provide efficient management. In addition to that, the specific analytics data would help to improve the management performance for rental equipment. The management will use this feature to control all the rental equipment within one screen, which would make it simpler to handle all the rentals.

Equipment Tracking Feature

Once the equipment has been hired, it would require the company to track the equipment and ensure it’s used appropriately. The employees will receive a status update of every equipment which is rented, which helps to mitigate the chance of loss and the rentals.

There is vital information which will be provided, which include rental numbers, personal details of the guest, and also the location of rental, which is very important. It is more important for the point of the rental to have this feature to reduces cases of loss and other fraud.

Accounting And Payment Integration

When it comes to the rental equipment, it will require to have an accounting system which would ensure there is full accountability of all the rental equipment. Most of the payment is made through the online payment platform. For instance, the software should accept different payment integrations, which would give the customer a good experience. All the customers will look for a rental company that has payment integration, unlike those with only one payment method.

Reports And Analytics

The success of every rental equipment will depend on the way the company manages its data to make an informed decision. Useful insights to the customer preferences would be essential to help the business get sufficient information, which is much needed to enhance proper rental management.

The software would ensure the business gets the best reports regularly, thus ensure the business promotes effective customers’ satisfaction.  Rental companies should ensure that complex decisions are made with reliance on the data.

Improved Security Feature

The security of the point of rental software is more critical, and this feature must be there. The reservation would be made online, and this would require the customers to send their details online, which include the credit details. These are sensitive details which would need the rental business to be more precautious with and enhance the security of these details.

Most of the customers prefer to make the booking manually for fear of their details, but if the system guaranteed the security, it would improve customer satisfaction. All the rental companies should guarantee this to their customers and will provide the reservation made.

Availability Of The Cloud Feature

Technology has revolved, and everyone wants to incorporate the latest technology in all the services they seek. You need to provide all the services to the customers from any point as long as you are connected with the internet.

The software which would be provided by the software provider should be available on the cloud. It would enhance the security of the customer details and also helps the company provide excellent customer services. In addition to that, it would enhance efficient operation in rental equipment.

Advanced Billing Feature

The point of rental should include advanced billing because it would help the rental company easy time when it comes to managing the rentals. When it comes to the payment, it becomes a problem, and this would get resolved with the ability to charge additional charges and other damages.

When you are handling the rental equipment, it would need you to have a clear system which would ensure all the payment are made more efficiently. For instance, the credit card would ensure the payment is made until the rental equipment.

Service Maintenance Management

Every customer would appreciate professional services from the rental companies, thus ensure excellent customer satisfaction. You will be able to schedule and be able, track, and maintain all the equipment, thus promote good customer experience. Proper maintenance of the equipment would also promote the lifespan of the equipment for a long period.

Adaptability Feature

The rental company should ensure the software which is introduced is adaptable, thus ensure all the rental equipment is well maintained. There is a need for the system to adapt to different factors that would accommodate different customers in the market. It would require the rental company to come up with different packages for their customers to ensure them the best deal.

To sum up

Key must-have features of a point of rental should be the first thing that you are supposed to look anytime you want to engage point of rental. Creating excellent customer experience to your customer while renting the equipment would always increase the chance of customer retention in the market and also recommendations to other customers.

In addition to that, every business should make good use of the rental software to enhance efficiency in the operation. Rental software can be configured in a way to ensure it suits the needs of your customers in the market.

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