We are living in the 21st century, where operations have been digitalized, and everything is being done online. If you are operating a tour and travel website, then you need to take into consideration the following key features of a good tour booking software.  Your tour company will be offering the customers who book for the services optimal experience, which guarantees customer satisfaction.

However, having good booking software on your website would require you to add some key features which would give your guests the best services. Managing your operation under one software is not relatively easy and would need you to employ the latest technology. In this article, we shall pay much attention to these features, which are very crucial for tour booking software. The features include:

Supported In Phones And Tablets

An excellent tour booking software should be accessible on a smartphone to allow easy booking. Most of the software is only accessible through computers, which makes it hard for the guest to access the services without a computer. We are in 2019, and everybody has a smartphone, and it would be efficient if the software could be available on the smartphone. Recent research indicates that mobile reservation is on a high trend as compared to the computer reservation.

It Should Be Simple To Use

An excellent tour booking software should be simple to use to ensure that the customer spends the shortest time possible to make the reservation. For instance, you should not spend more than fifteen minutes while on the website making the reservation. You should reduce the number of steps which are taken for you to make the reservation. In the past, the software which was adopted by the tour company was tedious, which could increase the time which gets consumed while making the reservation.

Pricing Flexibility

Price is the most significant consideration that customers would consider anytime they want to go for holidays. An excellent tour booking software should be flexible so that the prices should be adjusted with time. For instance, the system should include a discount and also committed to increasing customer satisfaction.

The demand for booking changes with time and the system should be more flexible. For instance, there are different packages which the tour company will provide to their customers, and the software should adjust the pricing appropriately. Pricing is an essential aspect that many guests will always consider when they visit the tour company website.

Integrated Social Element

Today there is an excellent power behind the social media platforms, and they would help the business connect well the various customers in the market. For instance, the company can use the software and reach out to too many people. The software should be able to integrate all the social media apps which would promote the connection in the market. All the social elements would ensure there is customer satisfaction through the optimal experience which the business gives to its customers.

Your customers would be able to review you on the website and also on the social media platforms, which would increase the retention rate in the market. In addition to that, you can be able to get customers to feedback through the platform, thus improves service delivery.

Language And Currency Feature

Your guest comes from all parts of the globe, and thus, there is a need to use language, which is generally understandable by many people. For instance, you can make good use of English since its generally accepted by many across the globe. In addition to that, the software should have a specialized facility that would accommodate the Spanish, French, and also Germany.

In addition to that, the software should also accept and support different currencies to ensure that your customers pay for the reservation without challenges. However, the software should have the default currency, which could be a dollar.

Content Management System

Tour booking software should have the ability to update the OTA website during the holidays for the customer to access the software. In addition to that, the software should include images and videos so that the customers could access the packages.

The content management system is more important because it will help modify and add specific images that would increase customer satisfaction. In addition to that, the tour agency software feature should help you in managing all the inventory and other assets on the system.

Software Should Have Live Inventory

Tour booking software should support the live inventory feature, which would enhance the booking of the available equipment. In the past, there have been challenges that are experienced when it comes to a booking where the guest usually overbooks the available equipment.

It’s a critical feature that every software should have to enhance the booking system and reduce the likely problems which get experienced by the guests while making the reservation. Tour companies incur a cost when they have to return the money, which was overbooked.

It Should Include Customer Review Option

Customer reviews are critical because it helps influence the decision of other potential guests online. Research indicates more than 90% of the customer who visits a website or site for the first time will look onto the reviews to decide to proceed to order or make a reservation.

The booking software should have the option for the customers to add their reviews and the experience they have with the tour company.  Every business should strive to give the customer excellent services to ensure they give business referrals.

Improved Security Features

Security of your details online is usually a concern to many customers who usually opt to make the reservation manually. The booking system should secure your details, and this would help the business get more reservations. It would require the software to have the payment Card Industry compliant which would improve the reliance by many customers in the market.

To sum up

Identifying the key features of a good tour booking software will help the business to develop a website that enhances the excellent customer experience. These features have significant benefits for both the business and also the clients since they improve customer satisfaction.

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