Is the electric wheelchair rent cost affordable for your customers? What is the best pricing model?

Are you considering starting an electric wheelchair rental business? If so, you’re in luck! Electric wheelchairs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and affordability. According to a study conducted by the National Council on Disability, more than three million Americans use wheelchairs at least part of the time, most of whom use electric wheelchairs. Furthermore, the demand for electric wheelchair rentals is projected to grow significantly over the next decade as people look for ways to make life easier and more comfortable. With this growing demand comes an opportunity – if you plan your business well and price the wheelchair rent cost competitively, you could be set up for success!

Electric mobility wheelchairs and their benefits.

Electric mobility wheelchairs are great for wheelchair or medical equipment rental businesses as they offer greater maneuverability and convenience. Unlike manual Wheelchairs, electric ones can be controlled with an electronic joystick, reducing the amount of physical effort the user needs to either transport wheelchairs or maneuver them. They also come with many features that make them easier to use, such as adjustable seating positions, adjustable speed control, and power-assisted steering. Electric mobility wheelchairs offer greater accessibility, allowing users to navigate through narrow doorways and other tight spaces easily. Additionally, they can be used indoors and outdoors, giving the user more freedom of movement. Finally, electric mobility wheelchairs are usually lightweight and easy to transport from place to place, making them a great choice for wheelchair rental businesses.

Electric mobility wheelchair vs manual wheelchair

A. Electric:

  • Distance: Ability to travel a greater distance with less effort from the user.
  • Speed: The motorized chair allows the user to move faster and farther without tiring, compared to manually propelling a wheelchair. This is especially beneficial for those with limited upper body strength or needing assistance moving around.
  • Maneuverability: Allowing the user to navigate tight corners and small spaces easily. The combination of power-assisted turns and adjustable speeds allows the user to traverse a variety of terrain with more control safely.
  • Extra features: Adjustable seat heights, armrests, and foot plates make it easier for the user to find their ideal setup for maximum comfort and support. Some models even come equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to control the chair from a distance with their smartphone or tablet.

B. Manual:

  • Cost: Manual wheelchairs are cost-effective for those looking to stay active in their community.
  • Lightweight: They provide the user with an independent means of transportation that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Straightforward: The simplicity makes them the most popular transport wheelchair for users. It’s easy to understand how they work and maintain the seat width without much effort.
  • Easy to store: They can be collapsed and transported more easily than electric mobility wheelchairs.
  • Familiarity: Users who have been using manual wheelchairs for a long time may be more comfortable and familiar with them.
  • Durability: Manual wheelchairs are generally designed to last longer than electric mobility wheelchairs, as no motor or battery could potentially break down.
  • Specific functions: Manual wheelchairs are especially beneficial for users needing specialized functions such as tilt-in-space, Flip Back Desk Arms, Swingaway Footrests, Removable Armrests, and recline or stand-up capabilities.

What is the cost of an electric wheelchair?

The cost can vary greatly depending on many factors. Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to upwards of $10,000 for a quality wheelchair. Factors that influence the price include features such as size and weight capacity, the type of wheels, the material used in the construction, battery life, and accessories included with the chair.

Benefits of renting rather than buying an electric mobility Wheelchair

Renting an electric wheelchair can be a more economical option, with rates ranging from $50 per day to $250 per week, depending on the company and the type of chair you select. Buying outright may provide more long-term savings, but it is important to consider all aspects when deciding which option is right for you. Trying out a chair for a few days before committing to buying it can often be beneficial. Additionally, renting can save you money on maintenance costs as the rental company is responsible for upkeep and repairs. Rentals provide flexibility so users can try out different types of chairs until they find one that works best for them.

What to consider when determining the rental pricing

When deciding how much to charge for rentals, there are several factors you need to consider.

  • The cost of the wheelchair itself. If you’re buying new wheelchairs, this will be the most expensive part and should be considered when setting your rental price. The more features the wheelchair has (e.g., power tilt, power recline, etc.), the higher the cost and, therefore, the higher your rental fee should be.
  • You’ll also need to factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs for each wheelchair. If you’re renting out a used wheelchair, it might require more frequent maintenance due to wear and tear, which should also be included in your price-setting.
  • You’ll need to consider additional expenses such as insurance, delivery, and pick-up fees, storage costs, etc.
  • The duration of the rental period (i.e., short-term versus long-term).
  • Your target market and local demand.Your area’s competitive pricing landscape.

After considering all these things, you should be able to set a fair rental fee range for electric mobility wheelchairs.

The different pricing models you can set up for electric mobility wheelchair rental stores

When it comes to pricing, electric mobility devices, and wheelchair rental stores have several different options to choose from.

  1. You can charge a flat fee for short-term rentals. This is the simplest and most straightforward way to price your services. You decide how much you will charge per day or hour, which will be the same regardless of the type of wheelchair or how long the rental period is.
  2. You can charge a daily rate for longer-term rentals. This way, customers will receive discounted prices if they rent for extended periods of time. You also have the option to offer different rates depending on the type of wheelchair that’s being rented (for example, basic wheelchairs could be cheaper than powered wheelchairs).
  3. You can offer packages that include different products and services. For instance, if someone is looking to rent a wheelchair for an extended period of time, you could offer them a package that includes the rental fee plus additional services like maintenance and repair or insurance coverage. This way, customers will save money in the long run.
  4. You can also offer discounts for referrals. This is a great way to reward loyal customers and encourage them to recommend your business to their friends and family.

Evaluate which pricing model is most affordable for customers and most profitable for your business

Each pricing model has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to evaluate which is best for you and your customers.

  • A flat fee rental rate might be the simplest option, but it could leave some customers feeling like they are overpaying if their needs only require a short-term rental.
  • A daily rate can provide more value for customers requiring an extended rental period. Still, it could also lead to you losing out on potential revenue if the customer only needs a short-term rental.
  • Packages can be great for customers looking for additional services and savings in the long run, but they may not be suitable for those who just need a basic wheelchair rental.
  • Offering referral discounts can be a great way to reward loyal customers and attract new ones. Still, it could also lead to you losing out on potential revenue if the referral discount is too generous.

Ultimately, evaluating which pricing model is most affordable for customers and profitable for your business will require careful consideration of all the factors involved. You should also consider how other wheelchair rental businesses in your area are pricing their services so you can be competitive.

Advantages of the per-minute or per-hour rental cost model vs the daily fee model

The per-minute or per-hour rental cost model can benefit businesses and customers. This pricing model allows you to charge customers for the exact amount of time they use the wheelchair, meaning customers only pay for what they need. This is especially helpful if a customer needs to rent a wheelchair for an hour or two, as they won’t have to pay for a full day’s rental. Additionally, this model allows businesses to maximize revenue by offering lower fees for short-term rentals and higher fees for longer-term rentals. This can also encourage customers to rent a wheelchair more often, as they may be more likely to rent if the cost is lower.

This model requires less administrative work since there is no need to account for different rental periods.

Consider the impact of discounts and promotions

Offering discounts and promotions can be a great way to attract customers and boost your revenue. When creating discounts and promotions, it’s important to consider how they will impact your overall pricing strategy.

For example, offering a discount on long-term rentals could encourage more customers to rent for extended periods of time. Still, it could also lead to you losing out on potential revenue if the discount is too generous.

It’s also important to consider how discounts and promotions affect customer loyalty. If customers become accustomed to receiving deep discounts, they may be less likely to rent at regular prices in the future.

It’s important to consider the value of your services when creating discounts and promotions. Offering too many discounts or promotions could devalue your services and make them less attractive to potential customers.

To ensure that your discounts and promotions are effective, carefully consider their impact on your overall pricing strategy. This will help you create an effective pricing model that is both affordable for customers and profitable for your business.

Tips and advice to help store owners maintain profitability while keeping customer costs affordable.

Balancing customer affordability and business profitability is important when setting your pricing model. This can be difficult to achieve since there are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration. Here are some tips and advice to help you maintain profitability while keeping customer costs affordable:

  • Research what other electric mobility wheelchair rental businesses in your area are charging and use this information to inform your pricing decisions.
  • Offering packages can be a great way to attract customers while providing value for long-term rentals.
  • Offer discounts and promotions sparingly, as overusing them could devalue your services and make customers less likely to rent at regular prices in the future.
  • Consider offering loyalty programs to reward customers for their continued support and encourage them to recommend your business.
  • Evaluate your pricing model regularly to ensure it meets customers’ needs while maximizing your profits.

Using technology to implement any complex pricing model

By using rental management software, you can easily set up your desired pricing model for rental duration – whether it’s hourly, daily, or a fixed period of time – as well as different prices for each day and special prices for holidays and occasions.

Moreover, you can use different pricing models for different rental periods. For example, you could have higher prices for weekly rentals than for daily rentals. This type of flexibility allows you to experiment with various pricing strategies and find the right combination of price and value that appeals to your customers.

Adding new features to rental online, such as discounts or promotional pricing is easy with rental management software. You can also set up a loyalty program to reward repeat customers and encourage more business.

Using rental management software can help you manage your inventory, bookings, payments, invoices and more in one place. With the right system, you can customize how you report on sales and track customer data for marketing purposes.

Tips on advertising to appeal your pricing to different customer segments.

Advertising your electric wheelchair rental services to different customer segments is an important part of growing your business. You want to appeal to potential customers and ensure they know your pricing model. Here are some tips on advertising your services:

  • Focus on the value you provide: Make sure that potential customers understand the value they will get from renting a wheelchair from your business. Focus on the convenience and accessibility you offer and any discounts or promotions available.
  • Target specific customer segments: Identify your ideal customers and create targeted campaigns to appeal to them. This could include targeting people of a certain age group, lifestyle or location.
  • Leverage digital marketing: Utilize digital marketing strategies such as social media, email campaigns and search engine optimization to reach your target audience.
  • Create an online presence: Having a website and social media accounts can help you reach potential customers and provide them with more information about your services.
  • Offer incentives: Offer discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to rent from you. This could include offering discounts for long-term rentals or loyalty programs.

How to ensure customer satisfaction with your rental rates

Ensuring customer satisfaction with your rates is essential for the success of your business. Here are some tips on how to ensure that customers are satisfied with your prices:

Be transparent about pricing: Make sure potential customers know the full cost of renting a wheelchair from you, including additional add-ons such as delivery or insurance. This will help them make an informed decision about whether to rent from you.

Be flexible: Understand that different customers may have different budgets and needs, so be willing to negotiate on prices if needed. Offer discounts or packages for long-term rentals to make your services more affordable.

Provide value: Make sure that customers understand the value of renting a wheelchair from you. Focus on the convenience, accessibility, and other benefits that your services provide.

Be responsive: Respond quickly to customer inquiries about pricing and be willing to answer any questions they have. This will help build trust and loyalty with customers.

Regularly review prices: Evaluate the cost of renting a wheelchair from you regularly and adjust your rates accordingly. This will ensure that customers get the best possible value for their money.


Understanding what customers want and need is the most important factor in setting rental rates. Make sure that you are offering the best value for their money while still ensuring that you can remain profitable. With the right pricing model in place, you can provide a great service while ensuring your business is successful.

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