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How Exactly Rentrax Makes Running Your Tour Business Easier

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Rentrax has continued to grow and be successful because we make our clients’ lives easier. Our clients consist of anyone who rents out equipment in some way — mostly this is within the sport, leisure, and tourism industry, but the software is incredibly flexible and many have used it for other kinds of rentals. We mostly help rental companies, tour operators, and activity providers to run their business quicker, easier, and cheaper.

The main reason Rentrax is getting things so right with our rental management software is that we started out as a bike/SKI/SUP rental company who had to make our own software when everything we tried lacked the flexibility and ease of use we needed. Rather than waiting around for someone to develop the perfect software we needed, we just made it ourselves! Below, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why our software makes running your business easier, but if you’d like to skip the reading, you can schedule a demo or get in touch to ask us a question directly.

Introducing 'Parked' state during the Off-Season

Rentrax clients can put their instance in Parked state during the Off-Season. While in Parked state, their instance will still be fully available with minimal cost ($9.95) and the only restriction is the number of free orders reduced to 10 per month.

This feature is great for seasonal businesses which hibernate a couple of months in a year. 

Also, it helps new clients to sign up early and work on setting up their online store and go through the learning curve with peace of mind and get ready for their season with no rush.

Built by an Operator for Operators

We’ve already covered that we build our rental management software to work for our rental business, but we didn’t cover why that matters for you. Put simply, our software has been developed to offer functions and features that meet your needs and solve your business’s problems. Before we created Rentrax, we searched for the perfect rental management software and all we found were products that had been adapted from other industries, so they never worked exactly how we needed them to. With Rentrax, we understand your needs and pain points. We’ve lived them.

Rental Software as a Service

We can’t possibly cover everything good about Rentrax here — and don’t want to give you thousands of words to read either. However, you can read more details about our rental software features if you want to keep learning! While there is a powerful depth of complexity and nuanced abilities built into our software, it is fundamentally easy to use, and it is this ease of use we’d like to convey here. And when things get a little more complicated as you need Rentrax to do more specific things, we have on-going tech support built into our service so that you’re never stuck without some friendly experts either on the phone or on a video call, sharing their screen, explaining exactly what you need to do. In this way, we believe in Rentrax not as a software product but as an ongoing service where we look after our clients’ needs.

Some Big Reasons Operators Love Using Rentrax…

The Waiver is Native to our Rental Software

Whereas most rental software services allow for integration with a third-party waiver system, Rentrax decided to cut out that extra cost for clients and to build in a native e-waiver system. This makes the integration and storage of waivers as easy as possible, protecting both you and your customers. And the e-waiver function means that customers can read the relevant fine print and sign before they arrive — this speeds things up and it cuts down any time spent in store, making it perfect for keeping things safe during covid.

Our Rental Inventory Management System Is Incredible

For many of our clients, the best thing about Rentrax is its inventory management system. Rather than simply keeping track of where your rental properties are and when they’re due to go out to a customer, you can keep track of how much money each rental item has made you, its maintenance log, each category’s portion of business revenue, and much more. This allows you to sell items once they have paid for themselves but are still in good enough condition to achieve a good selling price. Fine-tuning your inventory and profit margins with Rentrax allows you effortlessly maintain the quality of your rental equipment while maximizing profits.

Quickbooks Integration

While it may seem like a small feature, it was important for us that we add Quickbooks integration for our software so that our clients didn’t have to navigate two systems, laboriously filling out their accounting system using data from their rental management system. Integrating Quickbooks means that your accounts are kept automatically as you run your business. This saves time and money — but mostly it just saves stress!

Powerful SKU-Based Inventory Management

Rentrax doesn’t just make small simple tasks as easy as possible, it also offers businesses the ability to process complex information in useful and logical ways. For example: say you rent bikes or ski equipment and you need to offer your potential customers with as much choice as possible to ensure your service keeps up with competitors. People like to select their bikes and ski equipment on a feature-by-feature basis, making personal choices about size, colour, shape, etc. With Rentrax, you have control over how much choice your customers have. For skis, size and brand may be most important. For a high-end bike rental service, true cycling enthusiasts like to select truly specific, granular details. Rentrax lets you decide how much information your customers get and how exactly they browse your inventory.

Create and Schedule Tours

While some of our clients are pure rental companies, many are tour or activity operators with significant crossover into equipment rentals. This is why Rentrax also offers the ability to create and schedule tours. This is a simpler system than a dedicated booking platform, but this is more than adequate for many companies’ needs and it’s always better to keep as many processes as possible within the same software system.

Marketing Tools Included with Rentrax

The marketing tools are another great range of features that many of our clients take advantage of. While Rentrax is primarily designed to help organize and run your day-to-day rental business, we realized that it could also perform powerful marketing functions as the system gathers and stores a lot of useful information. Rentrax allows you to send mass emails and SMS to your customer base, offering deals and promotions as and when they’re available. It also allows you to organize and automate different promotions to new and returning customers, giving them incentives that matter depending on their position on the buyer funnel.

Dozens More Features and Functions

There are so many things about Rentrax that allow us to continue to meet operators’ needs. We run your software so that you can run your business. However, we don’t want to confuse or overwhelm anyone with too much information. We have helpful software demos that explain many more of our features, and we’ve found that this format of practically going through the software is a much better way to do justice to everything that makes Rentrax so great.

We’re confident in our software’s ability to improve your business and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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