The online booking system is globally recognized, and people prefer to install websites with the services so that clients can save their time when they need get goods and services. Websites such as medical, fitness, personal services, tutoring, photography, among others, may require online booking such as, takeflite, square appointment etc.


For personal services like cleaning, consulting, this booking website example is preferable since the service providers as well as the clients, must get a confirmation through emails or SMS after booking a session and also a reminder before the scheduled meeting time so minimize the risk of clients not showing up for the meeting without prior notice. The website can be designed and customized as the service providers want to be as professional as their service. Calendar synchronization, mode of accepting payments, and send reminders are set. Since it is online, clients can book the services at any time of the day. Events can be added so that they are accessible to interested clients.


Takeflite is mobile enhanced online booking systems that merge with takeflite software and that connect to the other operations so that no passenger details or transactions are lost during bookings or travel wayfare to different locations. This coordinated connectivity aids your teams in cooperating in real-time, making data effectual to your reservations.

Planning, promptness, and accounts teams so that they can wield the bookings, ensure revenue management is optimized, and cater to operational requirements. Numerous team members can access and complete real-time bookings for scheduled passengers freight charter or corporate fleet operations since it is a cloud-based reservation system.

Takeflite also includes call center reservations, which involves scheduled booking service that allows you’re the reservation team to work with ease and efficiently during low and high call volume. Numerous members can view flights’ availability, take a direct phone, and even confirm the clients’ payments.

Inclusive is a corporate booking service, charter booking services that provide visibility for your staff, allocating the right aircraft for the right job, and accurately. E-ticketing ensures that an e-ticket will be issued to them to confirm their flight or any other service when a customer has booked through Internet Booking Engine. Customers can manage their online bookings, and this gives them more freedom and flexibility.


Picktime enables appointments scheduling easy. It becomes easy to get rid of old appointments, books, and excel sheets. Also, since it’s a cloud-based system, online calendars can reschedule and cancel stipulations, switch to a modern way of appointment scheduling, and even check your appointment status. It also ensures that the missed appointment’s petty issues are not an issue since SMS reminders are set, and you can concentrate on giving better service to your customers.

Calendar sync is an essential feature as you can block off essential days and events of your calendar with this feature. Class bookings are also comfortable with pick time as one can book their classes any time available without the need to go for overcrowded classes.

With pick time, you can create a new reservation page for your business and let your clients make their reservations online at any time of the day. You don’t have to hire anyone to take your appointments on your behalf or even taking calls by yourself when you have a busy day. Picktime allows you to share your reservation link with your customers, and everything is set. Monitoring the times you will be available to your clients and how they can make an appointment is only needed. It is the one-stop solution which addresses all your problems and aid in time management.

Square Appointment

A square appointment is online reservation software that is made easy for you and has everything needed to run your business from anywhere. It is set to enable one to track customer details and also secure fast payment for goods and services in the payment system. Usually, it is free for individual businesses and also very affordable for teams. Since it is cloud-based, it can be available from various locations and 24 hours a day.

Customers get alerts and invoice attached and thus no missing appointment. It increases revenue for business and customer satisfaction since it is user-friendly and saves you time and customer communication. Payments and customer records are always synced, and thus its integration makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. Moments are taken to complete and immediately reduce time wastage on admin, allowing one to give customers surpassed online experience Square appointment is available on zoom, office 365, and other social media platforms.


Sagenda is an online reservation software that increases the productivity of your business at a free operational cost. Sagenda helps clients fix their appointments and meetings online, and the good thing is that it has an unlimited number of reservations. It uses different payment methods such as PayPal, direct card payment visa, MasterCard American Express, and Discover. Since it is cloud-based, it’s available any time of the day and has an online calendar, which is easier to create an event and set reminders to avoid missing appointments.


Planyo is an online reservation system that works for any business, such as holiday apartments, hotels, driving schools, tennis courts, events, yacht rentals, and doctor appointments. Planyo is widely recognized and is available in 27 languages at the front and about six at the backend. It aids one in managing their clients’ reservations by managing all the email communication with clients, allowing various reservations confirmation mechanisms, printing invoices, and handling any payments made.

The module encapsulates the entire reservation system to your website so that visitors go through searching and making reservations online. Planyo has a freely designed reservation form which has extra items of different types. It uses over 30 online ways of making payments and a shopping cart of making a reservation of numerous resources. Customers are allowed to add one time or recurring items. Any pricing model can be used.


WordPress is a renowned and popular website that allows you to create any website one can basically think of. It is cloud-based and hence accessible from any device or location. WordPress can be used by any rental business to create a WP reservation calendar plugin that can track their rental calendar throughout the business year. Property rentals like bed and breakfast, hotel rooms, apartments, cottages, and hotels can use the WP reservation system when renting via Airbnb, among others.

The reservation calendar can be used by your clients to make an online reservation by accessing your website. There is no need to call to have your reservation ready. The available calendar dates are visible; therefore, you can manage and schedule your reservation whenever you want and at your home’s comfort via your mobile phones.


Tableagent online reservation system is a free restaurant reservation system in the cloud that one can use to make, access, and manage their reservations from phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. It does not have any software to install or a monthly fee to pay. Tableagent enables one to accept online reservations and also requires upfront payments at the same time. Online payments are instantly deposited to your bank account, and same-day deposits are made.

Tableagent is easy to use and time-saving and offers restaurants an alternative to the available expensive software. It is a scalable, flexible, and high-performance computing cloud-based infrastructure that provides a very high level of security, dependability, and high speed to some organizations like Intuit, the US Navy, and Pfizer. It has been developed using the leading technology Google, Instagram, and Twitter.


Timify is a free cloud-based designation scheduling system that is up to standard for all kinds of service providers, including hair and beauty salons, healthcare, mechanics, general contractors sports, and fitness trainers. It allows clients to make their reservations through the website, Facebook page, or Timify mobile application. It also provides an online calendar, customer management, desktop, and mobile applications, online payments, and group booking capability. Businesses become more productive and time-saving since they have the power and flexibility to deliver high-quality customer experience.

Customers connect with service providers effortlessly and quickly since they have total control over the reservations, therefore, managing appointments through the online calendar or the mobile applications for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Since the software is cloud-based, it enables businesses to digitalize and get reservations around the world. Clients get to see your availability and can make bookings straight from the website and Facebook page, just a few clicks away. Timify is set to accept reservations only if you have availability, making it have a unique feature.

Final Thought

Online reservations system works all the time. Therefore, this gives visitors the freedom to make a reservation to any room or business they want any time of the day and hence maximizing your sales as one is not limited to time. Businesses are open around the clock, one can use any device to access, and it is easy to manage online calendars thuds no missed appointments.

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