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In an ever-changing and complex world, corporations need to always have flexible pricing alternatives for being aggressive and honing customer’s values. Setting flexible product prices for your services is a key factor and a successful pricing strategy truly defines your businesses success.

The most important factors when developing pricing strategies is information and adaptability.

  • Information about the actual expenses for each and every product is essential. This ensures total costs are taken care of and helps in calculating the sales price and making profits.
  • Information about your customers ensures demographic analysis which helps to ascertain accurate profit margins.
  • Information about demand and product buzz that help in placing highly sought after products in your store when your competitors are out of stock.

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What are Rentrax customers saying?

We are a busy bike rental company on a Florida island.  Over spring break we had several bikes stolen while out on rental.  Thanks to the Rentrax system, we were able to quickly identify exactly which bikes were missing and give the police the serial numbers and accurate descriptions.   The police were impressed with our equipment tracking system.  So far, 30% of the bikes have been recovered!  Thanks, Rentrax.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

Trish Sadd, Siesta Sports Rentals

By using Rentrax, we are saving considerable time in our daily operation and my employees are happy with it. We got rid off pen & paper (including manual imprint of credit card), saving time on searching for customers records when they return and quickly cashing them out (which makes them happy), accepting online reservations, keeping track of our promotions, and easily switching rates between low and high seasons are some features that we are using most.

FabioFabio Meisami, Yes Cycle