Frequently Asked Questions.

How much is the credit card pre-authorization? Is it $100, $200, … or open?2017-07-06T14:07:34-07:00

It is actually up to how much you would like to pre-authorize for. The system is flexible in allowing you to do so based on the value of your product you see fit.

Can I split invoice payment options?2017-07-06T14:06:45-07:00

Yes, you can split by product or by user.

What if the customer decided to cancel the rental after 10-15 minutes?2017-07-06T14:05:49-07:00

It is up to you as the system allows you to do that. It will keep track of canceled orders as well so you know why.

What if the customer exceeded his rental time?2017-07-06T14:04:27-07:00

The platform will automatically prorate the fees to the next level and calculate the exceeded portion.

How can I add or delete staff to the system?2017-07-06T14:03:28-07:00

Step 1: Once you have logged in, click on Staff icon. You may also do these steps on the setting tab.


Step 2: Click on the top right tab on the Staff List menu


Step 3: Add the staff member information and assign his/her role (See Roles Management under Settings as well). Click Save.


How to add and manage roles and permissions?2017-07-06T14:02:41-07:00

Step 1: Click on Settings either from the left side bar menu or from the dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Role Management tab.

Step 3: Click on New Role
Step 4: Create the new role name on the left, and assign permissions from the check boxes on the right. Save and you’re done!

How can I have the rental order start automatically without having to deliver the item?2017-07-06T14:01:32-07:00

You can start the rental time counter as soon as you have completed the order then click on the “DELIVER ITEM” right away.


How to setup and edit tax code?2017-07-06T14:00:41-07:00

Click on “Taxes” on the Dashboard or on the Setting from the left menu bar.


Then from the Taxes menu, click on Edit, from there you can add, edit or modify your appropriate regional taxes such as GST, VAT, PST, HST,….


Is credit card payment processed through the system or do we need a separate terminal?2017-07-06T13:57:59-07:00

It depends on how your credit card payment provider (Moneris, Stripe, …) is set up and what option you have acquired from them.

How to setup rental pricing options?2017-07-06T13:51:51-07:00

From the Dashboard, click on “Product Categories”


Point your cursor on the product category you would like to edit. You should see an “Action” tab on the right side then click to see the drop down menu. Then click on “Edit” and you should see the below menu for edit:


Click Save after you finished.

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