Ease your customers with Bicycle Rental Software

Have you ever given your vehicle or any other inventories on rent? Are you running a business that provides bicycle rental? However, you are always worried about the rented products and managing the turnover time. If you own a rental shop then you must be aware of these problems. There are lots of security and safety issues regarding your bicycle rentals and the customers which could be easily resolved by using a bicycle rental software. You can easily keep track of inventory, manage the buffer time for the next rental and much more.

You cannot manage everything manually every time. A bicycle rental software will solve this problem. Moreover, you can serve your customers by providing them with a customized interface for your service.

Take a look at the benefits of using a bicycle rental software:

Powerful Reports for your product

You can keep track of your inventories regarding their rental price and investment. In other words, you are now able to measure your profit at a single click. This will also save time by automating all the complex processes, duties and tasks which takes a lot of manpower.

Efficient way to do business

You can improve your efficiency with a powerful point of sale by accepting bookings using various means of communication. This will allow your customers to book against the live availability of bicycles at your store or online. You can offer various payment options along with some discount codes.

Customized environment lets you manage at your customer’s comfort

This software is easily be transformed to an online booking engine. Hence you can allow your customers to book rentals online providing them with a good user interface for your website. You can easily manage the turnover time or buffer time for the next rental. Additionally, you will have different setups of your desired configuration.

Security concerns are topmost priority

Keep in mind that our software ensures the security of all your important and confidential data because we care for your confidentiality. We have incorporated highly advanced technologies including firewalls, encryption techniques for the security purpose and recovery modules for backup.

There are much more benefits which you will get to know once you install this at your store. The best part of this Bicycle Rental Software is that you can reduce manpower and control your entire business online. Save paper and be a part of the Digital Revolution!

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