Product Categories in a sports equipment rental software

Rentrax software comes with a feature for configuring your product categories and individual products. You can enter as many items as you want in Rentrax.The back-end dashboard was deliberately designed to be easy to use and understand through the simple and attractive interface. Product categories in a sports equipment rental software should be easy to setup. The moment you gain access to the dashboard, you can easily figure out where to go and know what to click on in order to process common rental transactions such as rent orders, reservations, retail sales, tour reservations, and a host of administrative functions.

Logical structure

The entire software interface is built upon a logical structure which was modelled to match how a typical equipment rental business would organize its fleet in a physical store.

The software follows the same structure to help you setup and mentally organize your inventory within its database. With Rentrax, your inventory is managed first based on categories and then your individual products are placed inside of any relevant categories as defined the user.

For example, if you have different types of rental equipment (such as bikes, boats, ski items or surfboards), you can define and create your own categories in order to separate and organize your rental equipment.

Set your pricing packages hourly or daily for maximum billing flexibility

Under each category, Rentrax gives you, even more, flexibility by enabling you to set “Category policies and pricing” for similar items or groups of products. You can set your pricing packages based on both hourly & daily rental periods for maximum billing flexibility.

Track inventory

Product categories in a sports equipment rental software is where you get to tell the software which of your items will be made available for rent only, for retail and/or for your customers to borrow if that is applicable to your business. This means you can track literally every single item in your store if you wanted to.

Import your products from an excel CSV file or add product manually

There is a products tile that allows you to either import an entire catalogue of your products from an Excel CSV file or by adding one product at a time. You can set your rental rates at the Product Category level or at the individual product level.

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