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Camping Equipment Rental Software

Using our Camping Equipment Rental Software speeds up the process of getting out of the shop and into nature. Built on the same platform as our Bike Rental Software, the program offers easy to use interfaces that get your customers out the door faster. After all, you want them enjoying the camping gear outside, not waiting for it in your store.

Camping Equipment Rental Software

The Great Outdoors Starts with a Great Rental Experience

When your customer is ready for an outdoor adventure, and your website has them sold on having one, that’s where we make it easier for them – and you. With a few clicks, they can review your inventory and reserve what they will need, and maybe see a few things they hadn’t thought about. You can define a camping package, or let them choose a la carte if they want. And if they haven’t planned ahead, phone and walk in orders are easy to arrange as well. 

We’ve included lots of tools for you to stay in touch as well like an email confirmation to review their order and get them excited for their trip, but also opportunities for you to up-sell other services. You can even text them with SMS. From taking a security deposit to outlining the terms and conditions, it’s all within easy reach. And when their camping trip is over, the software sends an automatic email to review your service.

Rent Camping Equipment, Let the Software Do the Rest.

Why waste time with forms and records that will only get lost? Our Camping Software handles everything for you. The reservation is waiting, the order is already entered, a few quick inputs and your customer is off. Customer shows up early or arrives back late? We’ve got you handled. Even better, it controls your inventory, so you know where everything is and when it might need maintenance. For you, all the records are captured, no paper to file or keep track of. Payments are processed automatically, so you can move onto the next customer. You can even check in on your business when it’s your turn to be one with nature (as long as you can still connect with civilization!)

Free Software or Rentrax Software – Which is the Best Rental Software?

Free software sounds good, but usually isn’t. Free can sometimes cost a lot of money, either in fixing problems or just trying to manage it. With Rentrax Rental Software, we have all the features you’ll need, and more. But we are always looking for ways to improve it, are always making sure it’s up and running and always there to help if you need it. The reason we are so dedicated to the software is simple – we use it ourselves, and built it to help us in our business.

Discount System

Rentrax offers a flexible discount and promotion system to create all sorts of coupons and promotions to your customers. It can range from weekly discounts to one-time promotions for hotels and resorts.

Fast Delivery

By using our cloud-based software on tablets and mobile devices, your staff can manage the orders from start to deliver the items. This makes the whole process easier and faster.

Self-Service Kiosk

By setting some devices as self-serve kiosks, you’re giving this option to your customers to place the order themselves and skip the line-up.

Secure Payments

Now we can integrate the most common payment providers in our system (Card-Connect, Paypal, Stripe).

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