Are you operating a small business and need a booking software? Well, Rentrax is here to provide you with a reliable software which your customer can use to make bookings. With the software, you will make your customers happy with services and loyal to the business, which are critical aspects to business growth.

We have been offering software services to our clients across the globe, which is a clear indication of customer service assurance. Once you chose Rentrax as your software solution partner, it would boost the business growth because the new software incorporates critical features needed for the business growth:

Why Choose Rentrax software

Excellent Customer Support

Our staffs are available 24/7 to provide you with the much-needed support to grow your booking rate in the business. Our team has vast experience and possess the knowledge, and above all, they offer customer-friendly support, which would ensure every single problem get resolved. Don’t be left alone contact us today.

Reliable Booking Software

Rentrax software has been used before by many small businesses, and it has boosted growth within a short period. It’s a reliable software and contains all the features which are needed to enhance bookings experience. In addition to that, the software is customized to suits the business needs, which is very key for the business. Also, it comes with a different theme, which gives a customer a first impression.

Discount system

Rentrax is the only software that enables the business to gives its customer discounts. It has an elaborate and flexible discount promotion system which would help create good coupons and also promotions for the business customers, which is very vital for increasing customer bookings. For instance, the discount system will range from one- promotions to the weekly discounts, which will boost the reservation.

It Guarantees The Happy Customer Experience

The software will help increase the chance of making the customers happy due to the wonderful experience which they have while using the software. For instance, you will be able to communicate with your customers and collect all the needed information, and the customers will give their feedback. It helps to stop the culture where the business gets unexpected reviews, which has been a tradition in the small businesses before.

Essential Features Of The Rentrax Software

It Accepts the Online Payment Method

Rentrax booking software generally accepts payment from different payment option, which makes the software to be more suitable for the businesses. For instance, you can make your payment through the IOS with the “Paragon Payment Solutions,” which is a crucial step when it comes to online payment. You will be able to process the payment made by the customers through the “Rentrax Mobile App.”

SMS Automation

It’s an innovation in the booking software and is available on the software where you are able to send SMS messages to your customers automatically. It’s an essential feature because you will be able to keep your customers updated about the orders they make in the business.

It’s available in Amazon Web Services

Rentrax software is now available on AWS, which will give the clients an excellent platform that is faster and efficient. There will be improved service delivery, and this would ensure the business has a good experience with the clients, which increases the bookings.

Follow- Up Feature

Rentrax software has an important feature where the business can follow on the customers and ensure there is satisfaction in the services offered after booking. You can be able to send messages of appreciation to the clients who have made the bookings before. In addition to that, you can send reminders and notifications of the packages which would boost the bookings.

Enhanced security features

The software comes with crucial security features, which would increase the confidence with the business from the customer. You are dealing with online customers, and therefore, there is a need for the software to have security features. For instance, the information which is shared by the customers will be stored well and cannot be accessed by third parties. As a customer, your details will be safe and will not be prone to theft from the third party.

Benefits Of Booking For Small Business

The Software Ensures 24/7 Booking

Once the small business introduces the software in its operations, it would promote booking if the business is dealing with the rental business. There will be an increase in the sales which are made in the company, and this would boost the revenue which the business would generate. It’s a great benefit to the business and would stimulate its growth.

Customer Satisfaction

When the business introduces the software, it will promote customer satisfaction, which is key to the business. If the customers are satisfied with the services which the business offers, it enhances the growth of the business. In addition to that, customer satisfaction would ensure customer retention, which would promote business prosperity.

It Reduces Paperwork

We are living in a world where digital is taking over, and Rentrax software ensures there is less paperwork in the business. For instance, if the business is dealing with rentals, it would have a system where the customer can make the reservation. Through the reduction of the paperwork, would promote the level of efficiency in the business.

It Would Ensure Business Visibility

Despite the size of the business, it would be possible for the business to get more visibility in the market as compared to when the business does not have a software. The business desires to get more exposure in the market, and this would increase the revenues which the business generates in the long run.


Small businesses will benefit a lot from the software, and this would increase the chance for business growth. Rentrax software is the solution to the current problems which the small business faces in the quest to thrive in the market. It’s time the small business adopts key technology advancement, which would ensure the level of efficiency.

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