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Most bicycle enthusiasts who wish to share their love for cycling with others by renting bikes usually don’t start off thinking about using a computer system. You would rather focus on the few bikes at your disposal and concentrate on being thorough with the bike specifications along with the maintenance charges of each bike. But by planning ahead, it can benefit your company more than you can ask for. Imagine a scenario where your business expands to a fleet of 50 bikes  – each pre-booked for various durations. A customer walks in with an interest in bike rentals for a family vacation. Suddenly, you have a difficult time keeping track of the availability and updating relevant information. Flustered with the complication and time wasted, the customer decides to try out another bike rental store instead. You’ve just lost a customer.

3 Reasons to use Rentrax software

It is crucial to understand that communication with customers holds a basic need when you get involved in a rental business. When a customer invests money into an experience, you are promising him a good bike ride ahead. The customer will expect you to help him achieve a memorable experience without wasting any time. To prevent such business losses, turn to our Bike Rental Software that will help you set up and manage your fleet and help in tracking and scheduling rides – all at the convenience of your fingertips.

A good bike rental managing system will help you to achieve the following goals:

Makes you a better manager

Our software will help you remain updated with the records of your bicycles at every level. This means you will always have updated information about the location, time, client, and repairs of your bike. This makes managing your inventory an efficient and fast process. When a customer contacts you for details, you provide a convenient interaction and can go ahead to make a sale!

And a better manager!

Once a deal has been settled, you can draft your order in our software and generate invoices. Once the payment has been processed and the signatures are in place, you can draw up maps, brochures and manuals to help your customers draw the best route possible for his cycling expedition. You can offer him/her additional support in bike repair, the knowledge of which will be saved in the software. We do not expect you to remember the maintenance of each bike.

Benefits in cross-checking returned items

Once the customer returns your bike, the Bike Rental Software allows you to scan and verify the returned items and identify damaged or missing parts. If you come across any damages, the software will draw up a charge to be collected from the customer. This will ensure transparency and allows you to retain customers for their future cycling plans.

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