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As an owner or manager of a rental business, you are well-aware of the challenges that you are continuously facing. The efficiency and effectiveness of your inventory rental management system not only has major impact on your business workflow, also plays an especially important and critical role in various business operations. Besides helping the business manage its day-to-day affairs, it also helps in achieving other objectives including:

  • Providing the business with sustainability
  • Growth in sales volume
  • Increasing profitability
  • Slow but constant scalability

But have you ever thought about how satisfying and goal-oriented your current inventory rental software is for your business?

  • Does it offer online access to ease your mobility, and promote expansion and growth of your business?
  • Does it address maximum issues related to core operations of your business? Or is it the opposite of it and keeps you buried in a pile of its own issues that you are hardly able to resolve?

Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software is one of the leading cloud-based rental management systems out there, packed with so many useful features. The innovation behind the tool makes it a reliable partner in your rental businesses.

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After all, we believe that it should be the software that takes care of your worries and not the other way around. If any of these exists in your business, then for sure it is time to upgrade to the right kind of inventory rental management system.

Here, we try to explain how a proper software can help rental shops like you to overcome various day-to-day challenges while also thriving to build a successful business.

About Inventory Rental Software:

Before you end up investing some hard earned money on a software, you need to learn more about the features and characteristics of a rental software which at it’s core should include:

  • Online reservation
  • Inventory Management
  • Automated email system
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Barcode tracking

Moreover, it is always helpful if you can sign up for a free trial version. It means you can get started with easy option and will not require credit card. The free trial will help you to test the program for ensuring that it fits your business needs. You get the opportunity to test it in real life using the powerful inventory based management tools.

Also, you need to be able to import your customers and products through the software from your old system.

Customer service is a big one. A good software should always have live agents to help you with setup and learning the process from inside the system dashboard whenever needed.

What is Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software?

Unlike other software, Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software is an all-in-one cloud-based solution for all your rental business needs. Its problem-solving approach makes it as one of the leading cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) software in the market.

Why should you prefer choosing Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software for your business?

When we say Rentrax provides an all-in-one client-centric experience, we mean it. In simple words, our software aims at adding value to your business so you can more focus on serving your customers. Here is a brief list of some of the important highlights of Rentrax:

  • It is designed to perfectly mange your rental fleet inventory
  • It is an online cloud-based inventory rental management solution and therefore can be accessed from anywhere. This means that you always stay connected even while you are on the move.
  • From an owner (Or manager) perspective, you have the flexibility to instantly connect with your business.
  • From a client’s perspective, they do not need to worry about losing contact with you at any time. This real-time and always on-the-go connection between you and your clients also helps in building trust between each other.
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Key features of the Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software

In addition to the above briefly mentioned highlights, there are several other factors that without any doubt distinguish Rentrax from the rest. Some of these features are –

Ease of mobility

No need to worry about what will happen (Or who will manage your rentals) no matter if you are on vacation or busy in other business-related commitments.

Honestly, under such circumstances the thing that you only need is a reliable internet connection, and you are as good to go as if you were physically present to look after your business.

All important information kept in a single place

By nature, most businesses need to have diversification to expand. This will generate a lot of information and data which should be processed constantly. The more activity your business has, the more data is created.

The downside is the information generated is prone to being lost or damaged due to its volume. But with Rentrax this is totally avoidable.

No matter how much information your business is generating, our software will take care of it without any hassle. Either it is monitoring of sales in real-time, issuing invoices for each transaction, or updating your inventory, we have got you covered. Rentrax is good at recording every detail related to your business

Perfectly works for several types of inventory rental businesses

Yes, not just one but several. No matter what product or service you offer, our software can tune in and flexibly adjust itself to accommodate your business specific needs.

For instance, some of the business types that are using our software are –

  • Ski and Snowboard Rental;
  • Water Sports Equipment Rental;
  • Bike and Scooter Rental;
  • Medical and Mobility Equipment Rental;
  • Tool and Plant Hire Rental.

Although all these businesses offer different products and services with inventory that bears massive variation in monetary values, they all are equally benefitting from our inventory rental management system. Basically, you can define customized attributes for each rental type when needed.

Build for providing fully customizable solutions

We believe that no two clients are the same. Even those belonging to the same industry and offering same level of products and services, have many dissimilarities. Based on this approach, Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software understands how to fulfill each client’s individual needs by way of customization.

Build with an innovation that never lets you down

At Rentrax, we have always believed that our client’s customers are our customers. With this belief in mind, the innovation behind developing our rental inventory management software keeps you and your customers values and preferences as an non-comprisable priority.

Easy to understand and operate

We believe that part of innovation is to ease every process and minimize complications. Therefore, operating our software requires no expert knowledge. Anyone can easily equip themselves with the basic understanding and navigate through it with much ease.

And the good thing is that getting our software customized as per your business needs makes it even easier to operate. But despite all this, if you still encounter any issues while using our software, our support team is always there to help and provide assistance to you.

Rentrax is all about promoting automation to save your time

The Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software is all about bringing innovation in a manner that promotes automation to each scenario that it is deployed in.

The role of automation in any field is to save the valuable time of users so that they can invest it in areas that are more vulnerable and cannot be left alone. Whether it is the expansion of your current business or venturing into new markets, time is of the essence in each case and our software is there to make it possible.

Take full advantage of the cloud-based technology behind Rentrax

Since Rentrax is cloud-based, you do not need to worry about losing your data ever.

Your complete data is independent of the device that you are using to access our software. This means that in case of losing the device due to any incident, no data loss occurs, and your business continues to run as smoothly as before.

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How to get started with the Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software

Investing in the Rentrax Online Inventory Rental Software can be a great start for your business.

Whether it is your first time venturing into the rental business or you have been using some other software till now, in any case we highly appreciate your decision for choosing our software and warmly welcome you on board.

With this, we would like to explain the steps that will help you get started or ease your transition, whatever the case may be. The steps are –

  1. We confidently encourage all our new customers to sign up for the trial version of the Rentrax. The trial is totally free to use and requires no credit card detail.
  2. Upon successfully signing up for the free version, we suggest that you test our software to get well-versed in its extensive capabilities. Start by exploring the depth of its options and see how each one can bring potential benefit and fit into your business model.
  3. To make Rentrax more functional and adaptive to your business needs, you may also import your customers and product data via the software from our store.
  4. Among various other options and integrations, our software includes tools to send automated emails, integrate the popular and widely used QuickBooks accounting software, the ability to track barcodes, and even make online reservations.
  5. In case you come across any technical hurdle, our fleet of agents is there to happily provide you with all the technical assistance you need. Whether it is about importing your customers and products, placing them in the right categories, or anything else, our support team is just a call away from you.
  6. All-in-all, the trial version of the Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software lets you experience everything before you invest in it and that too in possibly the most realistic manner.
  7. In addition to all the above, you can also schedule a personalized demo to view our rental inventory management system in action. For this, simply fill out the form on our website and submit. One of our agents will call you shortly and provide you with the right kind of assistance you need.

Various applications of the Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software

Below are two cases, each of a different business type, where Rentrax is making our clients and their customers life easier. For a more comprehensive understanding of each case, we have segregated the benefits derived by businesses from those derived by their clients.

Camping equipment rental software

Our software is speeding up everything by facilitating both the camping equipment providers and their clients in this sector of the rental inventory industry.

Benefits for the camping inventory rental businesses

  • Customers do not need to pile up at your booking office eagerly waiting for their turn. Such crowds and public rush can make many clients to leave and look for options where they get to be served quickly. Nothing like this happens with an online Rental Software. Clients not only get to know about the available inventory, but they can also make reservations in a convenient manner.
  • You do not need to walk each customer through lengthy forms and procedures for booking or explaining the different packages. This saves an ample amount of time for you and your customer. Neither do you need to maintain hardcopy documentation for each customer. Everything is already online, and each new piece of client detail gets stored in its record.
  • You also have complete information about which client rented which equipment, where it is now, and when it will be available back in stock? Similarly, your clients are automatically billed for the rental amounts due and any extra charges they may incur while using it.

Benefits for the clients making camping inventory rental bookings.

  • No need for clients to physically visit your office or book in-person appointments, nor the need to follow any office timings. Similarly, clients also do not need to wait for you to respond. Everything is readily available and pre-uploaded on your website. Clients can easily choose the available camping trip packages, the equipment they need, specify their budgets, and rental duration, etc.
  • Clients do not need their payments or orders to be processed manually. Everything is handled by Rentrax in real-time, so from making bookings to payment processing to sending confirmations, everything is automatic.

Medical equipment rental software

From an early stage, we at Rentrax figured out how our software could enhance and facilitate the medical equipment rental sector. And here is how it is happening.

Benefits for the medical equipment rental businesses

  • Our software keeps an updated record of the maintenance being done on each piece of medical equipment in the inventory. This way you get to know in advance when is the next maintenance of each equipment due.
  • Rentrax also keeps a track of the useful life for each piece of medical equipment in your inventory. This way you know how much more will it serve and when should it be replaced with a new one by way of either selling or discarding it.

Benefits for the clients making medical equipment rental bookings.

  • Our easy-to-use SKU-based system provides clients with the most recently updated information on which equipment is available to them or not.
  • None of the clients wait for the manual processing or confirmation of their application to rent out any equipment. Our software presents all the recent information on your website regarding what and how much of it is available now. This way clients know what is available and can therefore instantly place orders, make payments, and get order conformations.
  • The recurring price management helps your customer easily set up automatic regular payments (Weekly, monthly, …) for longer rental periods if needed.


The Rentrax Online Inventory Rental software is a great way to fully automate and digitally transform your inventory rental business. It is a reliable way to minimize the efforts that you are putting into running your business now. And based on how you get it configured, it can help your business stay alive and bring in more sales and revenue non-stop on a 24/7 basis.

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