6 Tips for Starting a Profitable Ski Rental Business

Are you planning to start a ski rental business? Ski rentals are a popular small business idea and are perfectly suited to those who have a passion for skiing and want to share their expertise with the world.

If you are an experienced skier who knows everything there is to know about skiing and ski equipment, and lives near a ski resort, this is the perfect business for you. A ski rental store could make you a very reasonable profit, provided you get the basics right, such as investing in a ski rental software.

Rentrax is a popular sports rental management software. We provide a comprehensive ski rental system to ski rental businesses which allows them to automate their workflow, track inventory and manage online bookings.

We have worked closely with a number of ski rentals, so we have a very good idea of what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive ski rental market. The most important thing is to start well.

Follow the tips for starting a profitable ski rental business to know more.

Tip #1: Conduct competitive research on the other ski rental businesses in your area.

Find out about the types of skis they rent, the services they offer and the rents they charge for different equipment. What makes your company distinguishable from the rest? What if you offered lower rates? How about offering family packages, ski repair services and free skiing lessons for children?

Tip #2: Your biggest expense will be on the equipment, supplies and rental space.

You should have a good estimate of how much it will cost you to start the business. Write down a business plan which includes details such as the start-up costs and how you are going to raise capital for the rental store. More importantly, the business should have details on how you are going to make money from the rental business, the related expenses and operational cost of running the store. You should know how many employees you need to hire and how much you’re going to pay them.

Tip #3: The location makes all the difference to the success of your ski rental business.

Look for a location near a popular ski resort which is frequented by tourists. Ensure that there is enough parking space for customers and that the store is large and spacious enough to carry the rental equipment.

Tip #4: You should choose a good business name that highlights what you have to offer, your expertise as a skier and knowledge of ski equipment.

The business name is critical since it’s the first thing your customers will notice about your company. It should reflect your values and what you stand for so choose wisely.

Tip #5: You should have a professional looking website developed for the business.

Your website is how people will find you – it is very important for your visibility, even if you are only a brick and mortar store. Focus on the SEO, as you should be on the top of the search engine results pages for ski rentals in your area, or close to it – this is very important. Invest in pay per click advertising and Facebook marketing.

Tip #6: Choose a proper cloud-based ski rental system or ski rental manager such as Rentrax to automate your workflow, track inventory and manage online reservations.

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