4 Reasons Why You Need a Ski Rental Manager

As the owner of a ski rental business, you will need to manage online reservations and equipment on an everyday basis. You must stay organized at all times and make sure everything is in order, even when there is a spike in customer demand – especially during holiday season. For these reasons, it makes sense to invest in a ski rental manager software such as Rentrax.

Rentrax is a top-rated sports rental manager which keeps your business running smoothly even during the peak tourist season.

4 Reasons why you need a ski rental manager such as Rentrax

#1: Tracking availability of ski rental equipment –

Unlike back in the days when you had to use Excel for everything, and there was every chance of an unforeseen error ruining everything, a ski rental manager makes it much easier for you to manage the bookings and the tracking of the inventory by automating the entire workflow of the business. Even if you are comfortable with using spreadsheets, there is every reason for you to switch to an automated inventory tracking system such as Rentrax. This simplifies the inventory management and equipment tracking to a large extent.

#2: Managing bookings –

Tracking rental bookings with the traditional system which requires you to do the whole thing manually is a difficult task. The last thing you want is to stay hunched on the computer at your desk, tracking the online bookings, typing each request manually into Excel, and hoping against hope that nothing goes amiss. There are far better ways to utilize your time. A ski rental software like Rentrax allows you to automate the booking process. The software takes care of the details and presents you with a simple interface with no room for confusion.

#3: Maintenance of equipment –

With a ski rental system, you will be able to have a much better control over your equipment. You will have a good idea of the status of the equipment; whether it is safe to use and is in perfect working condition, or if it needs to be replaced. You can maintain a daily checklist of all pieces of equipment which is made available to every member of your staff. So every piece of equipment is evaluated at every point and replaced if needed. You can easily take the inventory offline in that case with Rentrax, and this information gets updated in the system.

#4: Better customer service –

One of the biggest benefits of using a ski rental system is that it notably improves the customer experience. Your customers will appreciate the online reservation system which allows them to book the equipment from a smartphone or tablet instead of standing in a line outside the store, waiting patiently for their turn to register their name with the ski rental staff. With Rentrax, the whole booking process is automated and made simple and accessible which leaves your customers satisfied.

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